Max Payne 3 GI Scans Released

Max Payne 3

Already, someone’s had scans of the Max Payne 3 feature announced overnight from GI. Okay, not quite scans, pictures more like as we cant read from them. However, they were found on a place where you now wouldnt think of finding them: the community forums of Remedy Games.

The screens on the forums for the developer of Alan Wake, who also happen to be the original developer of Max Payne 1 & 2 (Rockstar Vancouver are working on this one, due to Remedy having Alan Wake) show alot more screenshots then info, and even then, its claimed that not alot of info is given except what we know, but there are two tidbits of info not given yet:

  • The game takes place 12 years after Max Payne 2, although if what happens between MP2 and MP3 will be in the game is unknown.
  • There will be a cover system for the game.

Catch the massive amount of scans/screens after the jump. It’s out this  Winter on PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360.

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  1. I have no complaints about the change in character appearance. To me he looks like Colonel Kurtz, having drastically changed in appearance due to mental damage as well as the onset of old age. It gives him a rugged, world-weary look that suits him. As someone else said, it gives me an incentive to know what he went through in order to reach that appearance.

    What I don’t like and completely agree with most commentors about is the setting. Yes they’re scans and yes it’s fairly early stages yet, but you can see clearly what the developers are going for, and it’s nothing like the first two. I’ll save my final judgements for the final game, but they will be either the final straw or the saving grace in terms of my opinion. You can get a damn good idea of where the game is heading from screenshots like this, and we’ll know more when we see the trailer.

    The whole point of noir-storytelling is that the atmosphere *as a whole* is dark and moody, and this is nothing like it. This looks like Far Cry 2 combined with a little bit of Max Payne, but not in a good way. The setting is one of the main problems: New York is perfect for the original setting. It is both modern and bustling as well as dark, evil and disturbing by night and it was the juxtaposition of this that was played so well in the original – ‘Noir York City.’ The darkness and the location were a reflection of Payne’s soul, as cliched as that sounds. The script can recover some of that darkness, but 40% or so of the original feel has gone already.

    “Max Payne’s journey through the NIGHT will continue.” They lied.

    • Max payne alll dayy Says:

      To be honest, i dont like the fact that max is not in new york becase as you guys have already accuratley said, the setting was great in new york and the truth is…he belongs in new york! Im also not quite sure if im liking theway it looks as someone already said it looks like something of farcry or whatever. The fact that he looks alot older dosnt bother me as i fell in love with the younger looking max, but it fits the story and makes sense to me. The only thing i can really hope for is that the story unfolds like the originals and plays out the first two games. I cant wait for this game and hopefully its not a disapoitment.

  2. suprememan Says:

    I agree, they have it all wrong. I can tell from those shots they thought Max was about the bullet time, in reality it was about the feel of the story. Without the feel we all got from the Max games, the feeling everything is shit and no matter what happens nothing will change, it’s just a very good third person shooter. It’s not Max though.
    In the past he was trying to cope with what he had experienced, quietly chasing down clues towards his goal. He was depressed and had began to give up any and all hope at the beginning of Max Payne 1. It was not until he came across the Valkyrie drug that it all started spiraling him back towards that lost goal. chasing each clue, he had nothing to live for at all. He was OK with anything that happened in the nights that followed.
    He violently killed gangster, mobsters, and thugs. He was so close he would avenge now, let the consequences wait their turn.
    In Max 2, after being through the first game, he seemed a slightly better man. This time corruption was the game. The corrupt officers, the women he presumed dead being alive, and his own wicked perception of love. It was so difficult to see him go through all this shit again. It seems though this time he fought more for himself than for someone else. Yet again he had to endure. It taught us that Max could trust no one in this world. Everyone was corrupt and no one gives a shit about anyone else. Yet he did. It was a beautiful story about how everything he considers his, gets taken away, just because life hates him.
    Both games had a great set up. They both had a story set in the night of NY where things happened the rest of the world did not know about. It made us think about all the pain that goes on in those moments when the sun goes down and the demons take over. One man on the wrong side of the world.
    Now on to Max 3. He is hooked on painkillers and lives in Brazil. OK, what else? Obviously a new girl being held captive that he must rescue…
    Sounds like a simple set up to shoot a lot of bad guys.
    dot, dot, dot indeed…

  3. Rockstar knows what they have on their hands.
    I will wait more time, and then I will see what this game really looks like.
    For me, Max Payne is all about story and its characters.
    If Max will be fighting in a jungle, I don’ care.

    Maybe it will be a great game,… or maybe not!

  4. What the hell is going on??! Where is Max? I don’t see him. I see someone brutal, without any sight of intelligence on the face. I am shocked… Max is dead for me.

  5. broken link…

  6. where are the images?? reupload them please!!!

  7. Got more info.

    Will post something soon.

    As for the pics, they’re out of my hands, I can do nothing about them right now.

  8. Time to get some of your own hosting Johnny :P

  9. i doubt this will be out this year, its going to consume alot of time and money, we need more god cop games like this and stranglehold.
    and what hapend to LA noire that was supose to be out this year and we havent herd anything in ages, hope its not canned.

  10. I agree with most MP fans that the first few glimpses at the game don`t look very promising. When i heared that Rockstar was going to develop the game i was already dissapointed since eventhough i enjoy Rockstar games; i have never played a Rockstar game that was really great or amazing, especially in theg ameplay department. I like the GTA series mostly because of the style and script/voice acting but the gameplay is medicore if you ask me. The same with the manhunt games and Bully; i like the style and the concepts of the games, but as far as gameplay goes….well it`s just mediocre if you ask me.

    Now that i`ve seen the screens im even more dissapointed since it takes place in Brasil wich i would have never guessed Max Payne would ever be present. He also looks very disgusting. Im not talking about the bald head and the beard since i actually thought it was gonna be cool (judging from the first close up picture released on the official site) but now that i`ve seen the rest of his body……………what the hell where they thinking?
    He has a small head and a big body. He looks fat in a digusting way. Some people are just fat and it looks okay, but others (like this new Max Payne) are fat and look muscular at the same time. The fat is bassicly ontop of the strong muscles and it just looks really gross to me, especially his arms.

    I don`t like the pants either.

    Anyway the thing that dissapointed me the most is that the original voice actor (James something something) won`t be doing the voice of Max in MP3. So far it just looks like it`s going to dissapoint real bad, but that`s just how i think about it now. It could be a good game for all i know and if it does suck then i simply say to myself that Max Payne`s story ended with The fall of Max payne. I did the same with Die Hard 4 wich i don`t consider to be a part of the Die Hard series.

  11. Just Guard Says:

    God what will fanboys bitch about next?

    - Metal Gear Rising being multi-platform?
    - The PSP Go having no built in UMD?
    - The DSi having no GBA slot?


  12. PAYNE 2 THA MAX Says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! CAN’T WAIT 4 THIS GAME! GLad that MAX has a new look. Never thought BRAZIL out of all places would be the NEW setting for the new game. But perhaps at the end of the game, the story will shift back to NEW YORK CITY or maybe at the beginning of the game we will control max when he had hair and was still living in NEW YORK CITY. Either way I am glad 2 finally hear NEW news about the new MAX PAYNE!

  13. Alex1176 Says:

    Okay, is this “Uncharted” with Sam Fisher or a third Max Payne? Seriously, what the hell? Like most who’ve posted here, I loved the first two games, especially the second. The writing and story of part 2 by Sam Lake was beautiful and definitely a work of art before the whole “are games art?” debate started. “The Fall of Max Payne” was one of my favorite games of the first half of the decade and I loved it to death. The minute I finished in Dec. 2003, I had already had a personal idea for a third. It would’ve been titled “Max Payne 3: In the City of Lost Angels”. I would’ve liked for it to have been set in Los Angeles. Max would’ve transferred to the LAPD after his losses from “Max 2″. And let’s face it, if there is ever was a city besides New York that is perfect for Film Noir, then it would be LA!

    My idea would’ve been that Max (looking and sounding like he did in Max 2) would become involved in another conspiracy that was tied to the one he discovered in New York. However, new characters would emerge and the locations would be classic Max Payne. Chinatown would’ve been one of them. And mobsters of different ethnic backgrounds would be present as well as the LA Mafia. The game would end perfectly. With Max getting killed and finally seeing his family as the eyes would close for the last time. A definite true sequel to part 2. I would’ve wanted Sam Lake to write and if he couldn’t, at least collaborate.

  14. payne2themin Says:

    unless there is some amazing new twist, both in gameplay and in story, then it sounds like a pointless rehash to keep the franchise alive. if they kept it in a city setting completely, that would suit the first two games original style, but other than to continue the story, it would not be enough to warrant an entirely new game. to change the setting from the city entirely would be a shot in the foot, so i doubt any major non city scenes will play a major factor. It will be interesting to see if it all works out, but i feel they shouldve ended it all with the second game. Theres only so much you can do with a matrix rip off third person shooter-the story was there to keep you from thinking about how repetitive the game really was anyway, and they may have stretched it out enough with 2 games already. For the max payne addicts however a simple change in scenery and story should be enough, with a couple of new gameplay ideas, but if its not cityesque or dark enough in feel, it may not be a firm favourite. It seems maxs new look is putting off enough people already, but change needs to happen!

  15. the thing that bothers me most is not the fact its not in new york but the fact its not in a an urban city area like chicago or even san francisco . It looks like its freakin brazil .
    on the other hand graphics look great …wonder if it could hold a candle to ucnharted 2.

  16. TalentedMrReply_:) Says:

    OK, after reading all available information (including the GameInformer’s article) about the Max Payne 3 I’m still in doubt. An overweight (but pretty muscular), bald and bearded man in his fifties riddle Sao Paolo’s whole ghetto with bullets – basicly this is what the game about if I’m right. But how comes this whole thing to Max Payne? I mean if the players can’t recognize him in this guy, they never feel his character to his own. So consequently they won’t “handle” this program as a real sequel of the previous two parts, and it will became “some kind of TPS with Max Payne logo”.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think even though this weird “concept” an excellent game can be born. But only if the developers can be compensate it with gripping story, classic gameplay, stable technical enviroment and extra features (for example if we can play a few interesting slice of Payne’s “missing years”). And most importantly do it without logical boners, be loyal to the created story/situation! I mean don’t make a poor-child/women-saver hero from a totally goner, heavily addicted and embittered man who’s got nothing left to lose … Then what should be the ideal Max Payne 3 in this tropical/ghetto enviroment? For me the most important (aside from the enjoyable action parts, of course) is to fill it with content, what and how Max feels after that extremly hard period of his life. Show us his pain and agony through memories or senseless states (because of the side-effects of his painkiller addiction, for example), I would like to see represent his “nothing matters no more, all the same” attitude. It would add deepness to the story and tone down the brasilian sunshine (aka sunny mood) a little darker. Another critical point for me is the role of gunfights, sounds a littbe bit freaky but I don’t care if he just predominantly defending himself. I mean if he really protects his life as an innocent person in a huge trouble its easier to believe than he acts like “Mr.Butcher of Sao Paolo”. Max always was an emotional overheated, but reasonable killer who did their thing because his goal: take the next step to his revenge. He lives for and because this, after its fullfillment I picture him as a person who just vegetate in his life.

    I worry a little about the multiplatform development too, I’m curious what will be the primary platform. After the GTAIV’s horrible and revolting PC port (its system requirement was the biggest disappointment for me for ages) the Rockstar can’t let himself an other scandal imho. As a Max Payne fan I will be the happiest if the third part will be a true final of the series, but for me this stuff looks unpromising now. Despite of this I wish at the end of the day we are all satisfied with the last episode.

    The only damn sure thing is Max Payne absolutely deserves it.

  17. hey eddie and everybody, Sao Paulo is not a JUNGLE. There ain’t no palm trees, beautiful lakes, woods or monkeys here. Actually Sao Paulo is one of the biggest cities in the world and it’s bigger than chicago or san francisco, Sao Paulo is an URBAN CITY, it’s a giant megalopolis with hundred kilometers of intense traffic, cars, pollution, high buildings, a downtown dominated by drug dealers, hobos and whores, that’s nothing NATURAL in Sao Paulo, so if you are expecting a game in a jungle with lots of trees and animals, you are WRONG! The “Favelas” shantytowns in Sao Paulo, are placed over hills with alleys, labyrinths, with lots of shacks and poor people, but it is in the middle of an urban city with high traffic, rich neighborhoods, and everything… I hope these rockstar guys doesn’t put any palm trees in the game cause SAO PAULO IS NOT RIO!

  18. God !!! i was praying actualy for max payne 3 .. finaly heard about it coming out soon m happy that the character i am in love with is gona be on the screen again …. and i hope mona sax returns in max payne 3 ! thats all folks . U guys should be happy that max payne is not going to be just history yet.

  19. sagar r kale Says:

    i would like to play max payne 3. i have completed all 2 episodes without any cheats. and i enjoyed it so much. i now want to play 3 but i should get the game cd as soon in my INDIA. thank you.

  20. I can Not wait for Max Payne 3 to be out! Those pictures look unreal!