Max Payne 3 GI Scans Released

Max Payne 3

Already, someone’s had scans of the Max Payne 3 feature announced overnight from GI. Okay, not quite scans, pictures more like as we cant read from them. However, they were found on a place where you now wouldnt think of finding them: the community forums of Remedy Games.

The screens on the forums for the developer of Alan Wake, who also happen to be the original developer of Max Payne 1 & 2 (Rockstar Vancouver are working on this one, due to Remedy having Alan Wake) show alot more screenshots then info, and even then, its claimed that not alot of info is given except what we know, but there are two tidbits of info not given yet:

  • The game takes place 12 years after Max Payne 2, although if what happens between MP2 and MP3 will be in the game is unknown.
  • There will be a cover system for the game.

Catch the massive amount of scans/screens after the jump. It’s out this  Winter on PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360.

51 Responses to “Max Payne 3 GI Scans Released”

  1. korean-monk Says:

    why rockstar always love to make ugly and bald characters they suck at character modeling and designing !!!!!

  2. Max Payne 3 character is looking deferent to MP2 and the game look like uncharted.
    I think MP3 character looks very good.

  3. thats not max payne!!! WTF! THEY KILLED MAX PAYNE!

  4. This looks like rather like Manhunt 3

  5. this looks rather like Manhunt 3 :D

  6. Looks like a new Max…………. a very angry Max Payne. Could be good or bad, we’ll jus have to wait and see. But since R* Vancouver is working on this, I’ll bet its gonna be a badass game!! BRING IT ON Maxy boy…

  7. WOhhhhh…. MAX Look Awsum…why the hell he’s bald

  8. Oliver Hunt Says:

    This isn’t Max Payne. As someone in a forum said Max Payne needs three things…

    1. NEW-YORK
    2. NOIR
    3. NIGHT

    and this has nothing….

    shame I don’t care about this game now…

    • Exactly and he needs to look more like in the first games

    • New york? night?

      Im pretty sure the essence of max payne has nothing to do with those things. You just described SETTINGS which a game should change. this game still looks like it has a gritty NOIR story.

      max payne is about gunplay/slowmo and REVENGE/PUNISHING EVIL thats what it needs. i find it lame that because of its setting which you really no nothing about and havent seen you dismiss it. LAME

  9. Magnum XIII Says:

    This is gonna be awesome. Not sure why people are hating on the new look. It’s not like it’s a such a thing as a handsome crackhead. The man was hooked on painkillers, he fell completely off…what more do you need?

  10. That character looks nothing like Max Payne and the setting is completely wrong too. It doesn’t even look like an older Max Payne, it’s just someone completely different. Way to ruin a great series Rockstar.

  11. commodore Says:

    That it not Max Payne….Payne wears a black jacket and the game is set in the dark unforgiving slums of NYC (I think)

  12. R.I.P max payne

  13. fish99 got served, haha what a fool

  14. ThaBalla1148 Says:

    for some reason he reminds me of Nathan from uncharted. and so does the environment.

  15. domdomdam Says:

    I hope sometime, someone can make the REAL Max Payne 3. This game is not Max Payne, this game is something stupid joke, but not Max Payne.

    I can start really hate u r* !!

  16. domdomdam Says:

    R.I.P. Max Payne

  17. jagger91694 Says:

    what kinda annoys me is that these are pictures, not scans.

  18. domdomdam Says:

    “plese tell me how you know the game is stupid from a couple of pictures?”

    Other style, other image, other feeling.
    The good old Max is died.

    • jagger91694 Says:

      max looks the same. older, balder, and in shitty clothes. but his face is the same. just with a beard.
      “Other style, other image, other feeling.” is difficult to determ from just a couple of ingame pics.
      2.other image? can you know the feeling of a game with out playing it?

  19. Personally, I would have kept the hair, but the white boy Kimbo Slice look makes him look real gritty and gangsta, like don’t fuck with that him. Unlike the other folks, I’ll wait til the game comes out and find out how it is. Oh yea, it the game was the goddamn same as the other ones than instead people would complain how the game hasn’t updated itself over the years. The change makes me more interested in the game cuz now I want to know what happen for him to be like that.

  20. WTF HAVE THEY DONE !!!?? :(

    • i tell you what they did they disrespected the IP and totally raped it… this makes no sense.. who’s bright idea was this!? max payne fat bald and bearded in Brazil?!! WTF! WHY IN BRAZIL!? WHY IN BRAZIL!? i dont care if he looks different but this makes no fucking sense at all! they have killed max