New Final Fantasy XIII Info from Famitsu [UPDATE]

lightning-1UPDATE: Scans are out, but they hold nothing of interest other then the interview of Toriyama-san, so not worth their own article. They’re after the jump if you wanna see them though.

Original Story: We’re still waiting on the promised scans, but new info has emerged of Final Fantasy XIII from Famitsu.

Alongside an interview with writer Motomu Toriyama, the new info we have states:

  • In the game, any summon can transform.
  • The driving mode with Shiva (catch the screens involving Snow and Shiva here) is pretty much like an action game. Use the sticks to move around freely, the buttons to attack.
  • Wanna know what Odin, Lightning’s summon, transform into? Tough, it’s a secret ()
  • The crystals involving Snow and Lightning? Snow’s is shaped in the form of a heart, Lightning’s is a rose.
  • Know that kid who was arguing with Snow during the E3 trailer (and whom we got a tease of before Christmas)? He’s half the age of Snow, more info will be revealed on him in the summer.
  • Vanille’s i’Cie mark? It’s somewhere secret with Toriyama stating it’s in “an amazing place” (cant be where we think it is? THINK OF THE CHILDREN, SQUARE!). However, Lightning’s i’Cie mark is in around her *ahem* boobs.
  • The relationship between Lightning and Snow is a mystery, but we’ll know more about it soon.

Like we said, we’re still waiting on the scans, so hold your breath till then.

This one’s out this Winter in Japan for the PS3, Spring 2010 elsewhere for PS3 & 360.

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  1. Made a small edit just now, telling you Lightning’s i’Cie mark.

    LOL… we hope for it to be shown in the game.