Final Fantasy XIII – Meet the fal’Cie


Have you ever wondered how Snow got that thing on his wrist and why Lightning is kneeling in the E3 2009 trailer? Here’s your answer.

Meet the fal’Cie.We believe this one in the screens below, and in the E3 trailer, is the Pulse fal’Cie Lightning and Sazh are looking for during the E3 trailer (there is a fal’Cie for Cocoon as well). The fal’Cie is actually the main centrepiece of the story in FFXIII, selecting Lightning, Snow, Sazh and Vanille as proxys for the fal’Cie, otherwise known as i’Cie. Against their will, Lightning and co now must bring about the downfall of Cocoon and become an enemy to humanity, although from the sounds of it, she aint gonna do such a thing.

You can tell from a i’Cie thanks to markings of their body. Snow’s is on his wrist, Sazh’s is on his chest and Lightning’s? One word: boobs (screenshot below, we just had to). As for Vanille, where her marking is is unknown, but director for FFXIII Motomu Toriyama has said it’s “somewhere special“. However, not everything is all bad in being a i’Cie, you now have the abillty to summon. Snow can summon Shiva (we’ve all seen the screenshots of the bike, right?), Lightning can summon Odin as shown at E3 during the Microsoft press conference and E3 trailer and Vanille can summon Carbuncle. As for Sazh, we dont know what summon he has, but more info on the game is coming in the summer so we should hopefully know then too.

But the fal’Cie, who were created with crystals which reside in them, are only inferior beings compared to others which will be known down the line, which we think will be in Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII for the PSP (hence why the saga of FFXIII, Versus XIII and Agito XIII is called Fabula Nova Crystalis series).

You can get alot more info on the fal’Cie’s intentions by watching the E3 and Jump Fiesta trailers. Get our impressions of Final Fantasy XIII at some point during the summer. Screenshots are below. The game is out this Winter for PLAYSTATION 3, Spring 2010 in the West for the PS3 and Xbox 360, where the 360 version has been in development for nearly 2 months, but a equal experience for both versions is promised. You can tell we’re quite excited for Final Fantasy XIII, and for good reason. Its why we picked it as no. 1 most antcipated game for 2009 (even if that does make the article a little obsolete).

One Response to “Final Fantasy XIII – Meet the fal’Cie”

  1. Breakstuff Says:

    Man the game is f-in me… It’s like everyday i want to own and play this game… I can’t imagine the battle system of each…

    Obviously the graphics … should not be questioned since they are square enix!!! also the plot is more exciting and on how flexible the eidolons now!! isn’t it amazing? since the FFXII summons are more different from the other FF’s … they’ve improved it more in FFXIII … can’t wait to kill my console playing this w/o a sleep….

    If these would be released… i’ll buy ah psp and ps3… cause i only have xbox360 at the moment.. since they wont release versus in xbox 360… ill be forced to buy a ps3… i am a fanboy >.< owned xenon,zephyr,falcon,jasper boxes..