New Super Mario Bros Wii Scan from V-Jump

Mario Bros WiiA new scan for Super Mario Bros Wii has come out from the latest issue of V-Jump, catch it after the jump.

It’s out before Christmas this year.


One Response to “New Super Mario Bros Wii Scan from V-Jump”

  1. When I saw the preview for this game, I was soooo excited! However, I must say — I’m sort of disappointed. I feel like it’s nothing new really. You have your ice levels, underwater levels, lava, castles with ghosts, etc. It is definitely more challenging than the other past Mario games. Everything just felt so familiar, it’s all been done already. I’m happy to have Yoshi make a come back and the multi-player mode is also pretty fun and frustrating. I’m not sure exactly what I was hoping for but I’m already bored with the game. I was so blown away by Super Mario Galaxy that I figured the new Mario Bros for Wii would be equally as creative and exciting. There are many levels that I feel like you can just run through and make it to the flag at the end without having to try to hard. On the same token, there are levels that require a lot of strategy and thinking. If you’re a die hard Mario fan, I think this game is for you. If you were expecting something new and awesome.. well.. I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed like me.