The GOONL!NE Weekly Recap – 15/6 – 21/6

gt5Another jampacked weekend of goodies for you to fill your head with thanks to your weekly dose of The GOONL!NE Weekly Recap. Catch everything thats happened, including one massive megaton threat, after the jump.



Forza 3 Date Still To Be Confirmed
New Tekken 6 Shots Emerge
New Monster Hunter 3 Shots Come OutNew Monster Hunter 3 Shots Come Out
Lost Planet 2 – New Shots
Kojima More Involved in Rising Then Previously Thought
Kitase: FFXIII 360 in Development for Two Months
Battlefield 1943 Date Still To Be Confirmed
CONFIRMED: Metal Gear Solid Announcements Coming All This Week
Kitase: 360 FFXIII Wont “compromise” PS3 Version


Final Fantasy XIII – Meet the fal’Cie
Xbox Live Down for 24 Hour Maintance
Microsoft: Xbox Natal is Nonsense
EA BlackBox Creating a New Action Game
CONFIRMED: PEGI to Solely Regulate Videogame Ratings in UK
RUMOR: Wayne Rooney to Cover the Boxart of FIFA 10 [UPDATE]
RUMOR: Metal Gear Solid Movie to Release July 2011


New Persona Teased in Famitsu
Halo 3: ODST Retailing for £26.99 in UK
New Valkyria Chronicles DLC Announced
MAG Developer Diary Ep 1 Released
Hudson: If Shepard Dies in ME2, He/She Wont Be Back for ME3


Oblivion/BioShock Bundle Coming to Xbox 360
Halo 3: ODST – New Screenshots
PixelJunk Shooter – New Screens
John Schappert Leaves Microsoft for EA


Activision Issue a Cut or Run Ultimatium to Sony
SCEE: We Respect Acti’s Opinion But No Comment
Gran Turismo 5 Date To Be Confirmed


New Super Mario Bros Wii Scan from V-Jump


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Jonathan Cullen’s Blog:

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Thats it for this week, we leave you though with a wee small treat, a catratdragon type related .