MAG to Be “beta trial members only” Beta

magLooking for a way to get into the MAG beta? Try and become a beta trial member in Europe, it looks like, for now, to be the only way your gonna get in the beta.

Shimja, European franchise producer for MAG and SOCOM, has said that it will be a beta trial members only affair according to a post of the EU PS Forums.

Sorry to pee on your proverbials all, but MAG is likely to be tested by the Beta Trial community only in Europe. If plans change then you’ll be made aware of how you can register, but I just don’t want people getting their hopes up unnecessarily.

This cant bode well. It’s out this Fall for PS3.

One Response to “MAG to Be “beta trial members only” Beta”

  1. i cant wait to have mag game so bad..!!!!….but if u guys can give me the beta code that would be awesome?!?! thnxx