ps3Let the shitstorm of manly fluids of PS3 owners or potential owners commence. SCEA’s filed a patent for technology which would allow backwards compatabillty for the PS2 to the PS3 without any hardware change.

According to Silconera, Sony has the technology to be able to add in the Emotion Engine, the PS2′s graphics engine as what Cell is to the PS3 if you didnt already know (stupid!), without making any signifigant hardware changes to the PS3, although it does seem like a hardware change is coming regardless, we think you know what that is. It also opens the way to PS2 downloads on the PS Store which has long been rumored.

PS2 BC on the PS3 was in the console from launch but since then, it’s being removed from all later PS3 SKU’s, the only way to have a BC PS3 was if you had a PS3 launch console, and even then it would only play most PS2 games, but not all.

Keep looking, Cologne.