RUMOR: Steven Spielberg’s LMNO EA Project Named Eve

SpielbergStart your engines, internet rumor machine.

Steven Spielberg’s secret EA project, which was once known as LMNO, now has a name and it’s now known under the monkier of Eve. The piece of info comes from the CV of former EA staffer, Melissa Garza who worked at the publisher between July 08 and October 08.

The game shows up on her CV.

Further confirmation comes from another CV from another former EA staffer, Raffael Dickreuter, who worked on the game on texturing, texture painting and modeling.

It was only a week ago when rumor went about the project was cancelled, but EA stated that the project is still in development.

Spielberg isnt just helping out on this one, or other games with EA including Boom Blox. Spielberg announced that he is working on projects for Project Natal for the 360 at E3.

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