Splinter Cell: Conviction – Developer Diary 1 Released

splinter-cell-convictionIf you want a reason why we picked this as our Best of Show at E3 2009 at the start of this month, this developer diary shows why. Splinter Cell: Conviction looks set to be an absolutely thrilling games like it’s predecssors before it. Catch it after the jump, and you’ll see why and know what we mean.

It’s out this Fall, exclusive to the Xbox 360.

From IGN.

One Response to “Splinter Cell: Conviction – Developer Diary 1 Released”

  1. Veovis Muad'dib Says:

    It is not exclusive to the 360, it is also coming to the PC. But hey, not even PC game devs care about pc gamers anymore, and the last splinter cell on pc was a joke. So I guess I’ll have to dust off the old 360 to play this baby.