360 “favourite” Coming to PLAYSTATION 3, First Details Next Month

pswii60Oh nofi you tease. Our friends at TheSixthAxis has teased a Xbox 360 “favourite” is coming to the PS3 with the first info coming next month, but that was all that was given by TSA.

Now, think about it. What is happening next month? GamesCOM in Cologne. Better yet, what has happened this week? BioWare stating that the Mass Effect IP is owned by EA which could mean the game would still come to the PS3.

Thats what their guessing over there, and thats what we’re guessing here too, either Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2. More at the link.

One Response to “360 “favourite” Coming to PLAYSTATION 3, First Details Next Month”

  1. thedeviantgamer Says:

    While I’m still somewhat a Sony fanboy, I’m really excited to hear what this game is. If it is, in fact, Mass Effect, then it’s going to be good to see everybody have a chance to play such an amazing game. It would be stupid for them to just announce that the sequel is getting the port to the PS3 also, so I would have to imagine that both titles would making an appearance. Either way, good news for Sony!