Reviews on GO – Fully Explained

GO ReviewsThere is something we havent really discussed here on GOONL!NE. We’ve touched on it, but barely talked abou it.

That is until now. The subject in question being our reviews and what and how we review them.

First off, we’ll be honest. Since the start of GOONL!NE back in January 2008, we’ve had very little lack of review code coming in from publishers due to us being at the bottom of the food chain.

*dont X yet, this was before. Dont you wanna hear the after?*

But since moving to WordPress a year ago this week, and getting a proper domain, we’ve held pretty great relationships with publishers like SEGA, Rockstar, Ubisoft, EA and more as well as SCEE and Microsoft. And since April, when we did bring, we’ve had alot more of  an audience/readership since then. Average montly figures for GO consist at 15,000 unique vistors per month.

Now, you’d think that is bad considering most sites. But considering the situation and where we’re still at, I’m quite happy with these results. However, we do hope that our readership will grow as we bring in a brand new GOONL!NE in the autumn.

But anyways, this is still good enough for publishers to start sending us review code for the site. Already, we’ve had reviews from review code such as FIFA 09, Battlefield 1943 and more with more on the way including The Conduit and Ghostbusters (with The Conduit coming this week).

But it’s not just games, it seems DLC is rearing it’s head now into our reviews. We’ve only reviewed one piece of DLC so far ever on GOONL!NE (not including digital games) and that is Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned. So, this is what this post is for.

As of now, any substantual DLC, similar to The Lost and Damned will be reviewed like any other game here on GOONL!NE. So that means Mothership Zeta, if we get it before release, the final piece of Fallout 3 DLC and Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony will be reviewed like any other game.

But also, we’re now bringing in expansions and map packs into our foray. However, there is one big difference to this.

There will be no scores to these.

So that means that when we review the new Wipeout HD expansion, or any map pack for any game, we wont be scoring it.

At all.


So, we guess thats pretty much it.

Oh… one more thing.

We keep getting asked about review code for the PSP or DS from a couple of readers. Well, we want to clarify that GOONL!NE is of course a console only site. HOWEVER… there is more to this.

For now, we will maintain a console only stance and will not be doing handhelds as GOONL!NE currently is. BUT… we are looking at ways to bring in the handehlds without compromising the consoles with the launch of GOONL!NE 2.0 in the Autumn. And that means news and reviews for the handhelds (we just want to review Valkyria Chronicles 2 for the PSP to be honest) on the site.

As it is now though, no handhelds for now.

And one last thing (this is it, we promise)

Everybody keeps pointing out that the game we list for consoles as exclusive or multiplatform but no PC version. Example would be Mass Effect 2: exclusive to the Xbox 360, but also coming to the PC.

No matter what happens, even if we bring in the handhelds with the new GOONL!NE, we will not be bringing the PC to it. So as far as we’re concerned, Mass Effect 2 is exclusive to the 360.

Okay, thats it. Lesson’s over.