TSA’s 360>PS3 Game is Castle Crashers

CC PS3Remember the story TheSixthAxis ran (in which turn, we did) in which it said a former 360 exclusive would be coming to PS3?

Well, it’s no Mass Effect, but it’s still a big one: Castle Crashers.

The Behamoth’s former XBLA exclusive was announced at their ComicCon panel and GameSpot has all the juicy details. Will we see their brand new secret project due for release next year at CC? Hard to tell, but we’ll ask regardless.

2 Responses to “TSA’s 360>PS3 Game is Castle Crashers”

  1. TheDeathAvenger Says:

    For anyone reading the above article. The 360 exclusive game that TheSixthAxis wrote about is not Castle Crashers, it is not a big AAA title either (like Mass Effect or Halo).

    “The exclusive we got was not in reference to any of the Microsoft-published games we’ve seen suggested, it was not Halo, Gears, Left4Dead, Splinter Cell or Mass Effect. If you want those titles then we would suggest you go and buy an Xbox360, they’re really rather good. The title we were teasing about is a niche title which we are quite looking forward to and we think some of our readers will be interested in.” Source

  2. Awesome article mate! The Ps3, I consider is the ideal when it comes to system games. No one can ever defeat it’s processing potential, and graphics. It leads the 3rd generation console race and will always be regarded as as a top notch to console gaming.