Splinter Cell: Conviction & Red Steel 2 Delayed Until 2010

splinter-cell-convictionUbisoft has announced a delay in Splinter Cell: Conviction & Red Steel 2.

Originally due for this autumn, both games are now going to be released at some point during January – March 2010. As well as Conviction and Red Steel 2, I Am Alive and Ghost Recon 4 also suffered much longer delays of fiscal 2010 – 2011, which means both games wont see a release until April 2010.

That’s despite we’ve heard very little of I Am Alive, with only one magazine article and a teaser trailer, and we haven’t  even seen footage of Ghost Recon 4 yet.

Ubisoft president, Yves Guillemot, said that the delays for Conviction and RS2 was down to giving both games more time for pollishment.

“The changes on Splinter Cell and Red Steel – it’s just a question of polish,” said the Ubi pres.

“The team was asking that they couldn’t be with the level of quality on all the maps and all the game for the end of the year, so they had asked for more time to be able to come with a better product, for both of those games.

“The quality of the games is there for what you’ve been able to see at E3, but we were not able to have that same quality on the full game of those two product.”

Shame, we gave Conviction our Best of E3 2009 award.

From Kotaku & Joystiq.