RUMOR: Peter Molyneux to Head Up gamescom Microsoft Press Conference

Molyneux & NatalTick this as a rumor for now, but according to reports, Peter Molyneux will be heading up a press conference by Microsoft Games Studios at gamescom next month.

According to GamingFront (via CVG), the head of Lionhead, and lead creative director of Microsoft Games Studios, will be heading up the press conference when it (apparently) takes place on August 19th from 11amCET, hours before SCEE’s press conference on the very same day.

Also according to the German website, who aren’t rarely wrong, Molyneux has a big announcement to make at the conference. Is it to do with his new role and show us a new Rare game, the rumored Natal game from them? Or is it to do with Milo & Kate, or better yet, Natal itself?

This is actually the first we’ve heard of a press conference from MS as this is the first conference they’ve done in Europe, they never went to Leipzig, let alone hold a press conference there. So, naturally, we’ve emailed Microsoft for more details on the matter.