SCEE: GamesCom Conference Lasting an Hour, Not Three

PS3SCEE’s confirmed to VG247 that it’s three-hour press conference is actually only an hour long.

Well, two hours if you count sitting down, the conference, assumingly for the German part of the conference and leaving. The console holder also confirmed that it’ll begin at 6pm BST on Tuesday, thats 7pm GMT in Cologne.

Earlier in July, the publisher stated it would be a three hour conference, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. But now, it will only last from 6:30pm-8:30pm GMT . However, rampant speculation as to what will be mentioned during the conference is still growing by the day, particuarly the price-cut.

According to MCV, UK retailers are being stripped of PS3s in antcipation for a new price-point, hence “price-cut”. As to what the price will be reduced to is unknown, but a fair guess would be £199 with the PS3 Slim due to come in at £249.

However, SCEE did confirm that news on the EU version of the Video Store, which has been live in the US for a good part of a year now, will be mentioned during the conference. The news came from the EU PS Blog.

Speculation is still riffe that the PS3 Slim, the price cut; which seems to be all but confirmed, and a date for Gran Turismo 5 will all be announced during the event.

Keep an eye on Tuesday then.