Cologne 2009: PS3 Slim Finally Unveiled


After months of endless speculation and rumour, it’s finally here. Sony have just announced PS3 Slim at GamesCom, which will be available in the first week of September.

Kaz Hirai has described as a PS3 “but slimmer.” It’ll be smaller, lighter, all the same features your current PS3 has now.

The price has also JUST dropped for all current PS3s on the shelf, it will be available for €299, $299 and 29,980 yen.

More Slim spec’s and pics after the jump

The Slim will have a 120gb hard drive, will be 32% smaller, 36% lighter.


One Response to “Cologne 2009: PS3 Slim Finally Unveiled”

  1. Just got the new PS3 slim today and it far exceeded my already high expectations. The video and sound quality for both games and blu-ray is truly “mind bottling.” Highlights include:
    -built in wifi
    -free access to Playstation Network
    -beautiful video and sound quality
    -superb controller
    -excellent exclusive and multiplat. games
    -a truly amazing bargain

    The only drawback is the lack of HDMI or component cables, but of course you can get these for pennies through Amazon. Some complain of the lack of Netflix streaming, but in my opinion once you’ve tried blu-ray it’s hard to go back to those grainy streaming formats!

    Basically, for $300 you will instantly transform your tv into a high end multimedia home theater. Go buy one now!

    *-one more note: I was initially worried that my less than 720p tv wouldn’t demonstrate the full capabilities of the PS3. Needless to say, my worries wore gone the moment I fired up the unit!