New Fallout 3 Premium Theme Free to Owners of All 5 DLC


Fallout fans will be happy to hear that there is a new premium theme which will be available for download from October 1st, for a mere 240 points. In even better news, if like us you’re such a fan and you already own all 5 pieces of DLC (or will do by September 22nd), then the theme will be free.

Excellent work from Bethesda and Microsoft to do this, and a great way to reward the fans who’ve supported the game by purchasing the DLC.

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Xbox LIVE Premium Theme Released for “Fallout 3” Fans

Today Bethesda and Microsoft revealed that a premium theme for “Fallout 3” will be released on Xbox LIVE on Oct.1 free of charge for all players who have purchased all five “Fallout 3” Game Add-ons as of Sept. 22. Gamers who have purchased all five Game Add-ons (English only), including “Operation: Anchorage,” “The Pitt,” “Broken Steel,” “Point Lookout” and “Mothership Zeta”, will receive a token from Microsoft to download the theme for free starting Oct. 1. “This is something we’ve been asked about a lot and we’re happy to finally be able to bring it to fans as a small token of our appreciation,” said Todd Howard, game director and executive producer for Fallout 3.The theme is also available for purchase at 240 Microsoft points.