Want to Know Anything on MAG?

magBy Jonathan Cullen.

Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Warhawk.

Some of the PlayStation 3′s top multiplayer hitters. Hell, they are the top three in that order. Well, as I speak, the MAG beta is kicking off this week and it looks set to be joining the ranks of them games. But other then that, we here at GOONL!NE feel that not alot of the information you want to know abou the game has been answered.

DLC, lag, etc etc.

Well, now is your chance to find out the answer to these questions and more. Next Wednesday, I am heading to Dublin (again!?) for a media only MAG event. Hands on with the game of course, but I’m also interviewing creative director of Zipper Interactive, Ed Byrne.

I have questions lined up for him, but what do you want to know on MAG? Email your questions to , and I’ll stick the best of the lot onto my Q&A.

I’ll already have seven questions down for Ed to answer for myself, so I’ll be picking the best seven from you lot to tally up with me to Dublin next week to make it fourteen questions.


  • One per person.
  • No questions like “whch iz beta? PS3 or 3 fix me?” None of that shit, innit.
  • Keep it sensible and keep it interesting.

Thats pretty much it. Again, email your questions to , and I’ll ask Ed the best of the bunch.

Emails only, so comments here are going to be closed off.