Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Flash Game Rewards 2 Unlockable Missions

Dragon Rising

A new flash site has launched, allowing gamers to ‘take the test’ (not THAT one) to see if you’re able and fit for Operation Flashpoint 2.

The site consists of three tests; the first, which is pretty tricky, has you clicking on coloured blocks in the right order, but only if they made a sound. Like Simon Says, but if Simon were a douchebag. The second, and the easiest, has you selecting the colour of the word; not the colour that the word spells out. The third, and most difficult, has you not only attempting some quite hard maths, but also avoiding balls with the mouse. Anyway, complete it with 85% or over and unlock two extra missions for the PS3 and Xbox versions of the game. Sweet. I just scraped my sorry ass through with 85%; as always…

The game can be played on the 9th October, and the mini-game after the jump.

Mini-Game (Good Luck!)

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