Assassin’s Creed II Sex Scene Detailed

Assassins Creed 2

No, wait, that came out wrong.

Yesterday, news broke that Assassin’s Creed II would have a sex scene. Of course, we didn’t know if this would be a little bit of camara shake, a PG-13 Mass Effect homage, or a full on Hot Coffee scandal. Well, now we have our answer, straight from the 3rd Official Playstation Magazine Podcast.

It seems like sex will only be controllable once, when you take control of a teenage Ezio, and must climb the wall to your girlfriend’s window, where you sneak in and…Y’know. Do that. We don’t know where the camara will be pointed while the rumpy-pumpy goes on, but some say you’ll interact with the scene some sort of QTE. Disturbing.

Game’s out on the 20th November. Jack Thompson lawsuit probably a few days after.