Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City – Meet Armando and Henrique

episodes libertyToday see’s the release of the latest video from Episodes From Liberty City, due for release on disc on 29th October on Xbox 360. The video features 2 of Luis Lopez’s oldest friends, Armando and Henrique.

Video and a biography of the characters follows the jump!

Luis Lopez, Henrique Bardas and Armando Torres have been friends for their entire lives, growing up together on the streets of East Holland and Northwood. After years of small-time hustles, Luis caught a lucky break when he started working for club owner Tony Prince, eventually becoming manager of his two clubs, Hercules and Maisonette 9, while Armando and Henrique are proud to stay local, slinging drugs on the same street corners they did as kids. Loyal to the core, Armando and Henrique are both bemused by and envious of Luis’ change in status.

Brian Jeremy
is a veteran member of The Lost Motorcycle Club and serves as the Club Secretary.  Brian lives and breathes The Lost, and his dogged loyalty to the gang’s incarcerated leader, Billy Grey, borders on the creepy and obsessive.  Brian detests Johnny Klebitz, Billy’s second-in-command, which has created a rift in the gang.  Brian isn’t at all happy with the way Johnny has run the club in Billy’s absence, especially the truce he has negotiated with their long-term rival biker gang, The Angels of Death.  When Billy returns, the antagonism between Johnny and Brian will worsen to a point of no return.  Eventually, one of them will have to go.