MAG Beta Competition


MAG is here! MAG is here! Run screaming from your houses, for MAG is here!

If you haven’t heard, MAG is here. To be specific, the MAG beta, putting upwards of 16,000 players in a 256-man battlefield, has gone live. Not one of those lucky 16,000? We’ve got a treat for you…

We have a MAG Beta key to give away. It’s all we could grab from the clutches of a dying Zipper employee as we escaped their top secret compound, but that’s enough to get you in the game. It’s a dog eat dog world.

So, what do you need to do to get the key? We’re as upset as you when we get all excited about our chances of winning a beta key, only to find that the competition involves making a 100ft sculpture from grass cuttings. So we’ve made it easy. All you need to do is invent your own P.M.C to be in MAG. So, alongside Valor, Raven and S.V.E.R, invent your own Private Military Company and give a back story, ideologies, and tactics. Simples.


  • When inventing your P.M.C, be as specific as possible. If your idea is the ‘Robo Pirate Ninja Jesus Gang’, explain their background, why they fight, where they’re from, their leaders, style, etc etc etc. The more complete, the better. P.M.Cs can be as outlandish or realistic as you want; we’re looking for the most inventive (least generic) and best realized.
  • While we won’t penalize you for not having any Photoshop skills, if you can produce a clan badge, or even outfit, it can only help. It’s not essential, though.
  • Send all your entries to , with the title ‘MAG Beta Key’. One per person, and make sure you send your entry in with your main e-mail address; it’s the one we’ll be using to contact you when you win.
  • Keep it clean, obviously.
  • The closing date is this Wednesday, October 7th, with the winner announced on October 9th.
  • Try not to go over 500 words. We’re not looking for English Coursework here. It’s probably hard to get an overall picture in under 80 words, though; between 80-500 is your guideline. No points deducted for going over/under, but somewhere between those and you’ll be alright.

It couldn’t be more simple. Remember, this could be your chance to join the biggest online game on the PS3, so get thinking. Keep them short and sweet, but full of info. We’ll display the best ideas on the main site after the competition closes.

And stay tuned to GOONL!NE next week. Our impressions of MAG from a hands on event in Dublin and from the beta are going live, as well as much, much more.

34 Responses to “MAG Beta Competition”

  1. Luke Evans Says:

    What kind of file do you want submited?

  2. CapinChronic Says:

    I just typed up my submission and it wont let me email to . I didn’t attach a file or anything tried two different emails and I keep getting a failure notice.. Help please :(

    • James Love Says:

      I’ll see if I can get this sorted out for you, might be a problem on our end.

      If anyone else is having problems sending to that email address?

    • Sorry, that is my bad.

      I had to edit the piece before going live, and I made a massive mistake with the typo in the article.

      Anyways its fixed now. It’s now .

  3. Luke Evans Says:

    That was a quick submit

    CapinChronic if you want me to try and mail it i will

  4. Luke Evans Says:

    no problem :p

  5. Luke Evans Says:

    can we type this up in to an email or do we need to attach a .doc file?

    Also what file type do you want images in?

  6. Will Swarbrick Says:

    Type it up in the e-mail, that’s fine. If you wanna add a picture or something, I recommend uploading to tinypic and then putting a link in the e-mail. If you know of an easier way, try it =P

    Tell your friends!

  7. Luke Evans Says:

    i wont… that way i got better chance hehe.

    Ive allready posted it in the Gamesradar giveaway thread because i believe they have finished with their codes

  8. I like it when things go boom!

  9. Luke Evans Says:

    Its really easy and it was fun for me to write this

  10. so what do we have to to get the beta code/key. Make a scuputer in my grass

  11. Luke Evans Says:

    Read the details

  12. anybody can help it would be nice!

    Thank you

    • Will Swarbrick Says:

      As it says above, invent your own P.M.C. You know you can either fight as S.V.E.R, Rvaen or Valor in MAG? Well, invent your own army, give ti a name, some backround details, and so on =D

      Anh yeah Luke, we got it =P

  13. Luke Evans Says:

    What mike?

  14. Will Swarbrick Says:

    ‘Tis cool.

    • Luke Evans Says:

      So, Will what did you think of it and the badge? Good,bad,mediocre?

      Also how long as this site been online? And if you have ps3′s add me my psn is: eVu

  15. By the way, P.M.C. doesn’t stand for Private Military Company, It’s Private Military Contractor.

  16. Luke Evans Says:

    it depends on which you are thinking about. And it does stand for Private military company.

    and yes its wikipedia but thats what it stands for :P

    • Luke Evans Says:

      Hope you guys do well in the games business :p

      and hope i win, i know i put alot of effort in to my submission… if i win will it be shown?

    • Luke Evans Says:

      Dam forgot this.. i noticed you said you was going to be having hands on next week. You should try and get more codes for runners up or just to be nice :P (that is if the hands on isnt from when you got this code)

    • Luke Evans Says:

      Dam im an idiot. Is the code US or EU

  17. Luke Evans Says:

    Anybody their its important

  18. Will Swarbrick Says:

    It’s UK

  19. Will Swarbrick Says:

    Sorry, EU (Which is UK, but y’know)

  20. Luke Evans Says:

    kk Thanks i live in UK :p

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