The Constant Rise And Fall Of Modern Warfare 2 (So Far)


Are you going to buy Modern Warfare 2? It’s a question that, since the middle of last year, has become hotly debated. Of course, it seems obvious that anyone within their right mind would snap up a copy of the sequel to a game widely regarded as ‘the best FPS ever made’, but when you look back over the year, you can start seeing why people might be unwilling to part with their cash. We know it’ll take some time to trace back the history of Modern Warfare 2, so being kind people, we’ve assembled a list right here, detailing the general public reaction to each event.

So, whether you’ve placed you’re pre-order, boycotting Activision, or just like history (freak), here’s the Modern Warfare 2 timeline. Please note: dates may be a few days out.

RISE: 26th March 2009 – A sequel to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is announced at GDC 2009 during the GDC awards with a teaser trailer to boot. The teaser reveals some sort of airport massacre by Eastern Europeans. The internet goes mad with speculation, trying to decipher hidden perks or revealing blurry images of Christ the Redeemer. Announced for Worldwide November 10 release.

RISE: 25th May – First gameplay trailer released. Minds blown. The hype train has left the station and is gaining speed fast.

RISE: 1st June – A live demo of Modern Warfare is shown at Microsoft’s E3 conference. It’s the first time people have seen the game uncut, showing most of an arctic level with ‘Soap’. Features snow, heartbeat sensors, explosions and a whole lot of goodness.

FALL: 9th July- Modern Warfare 2 renamed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 after constant confusion over if the COD name would appear in the game.

MIXED: 11th July – Prestige Edition Announced, featuring the head of Soap, an artwork book, the game, a download for the original Call Of Duty, and fully working Night Vision Goggles. At first, it seems like an insane deal, but reactions are split when the price of £149.99 is revealed.

FALL: 16th July = Normal Edition Price announced at £54.99. Gamers seen weeping in the streets, local riots take place. All over the world, people scorn Activision for their greed, and are outraged at such a high price.

RISE: 27th July – AC130 Trailer. It’s the first Multiplayer trailer, and it shows off customizable perks, including the epic AC130. Gamers still sore about price hike, though many think the promise that the trailer puts forward justifies the extra £10.

FALL: 6th August – Bobby Kotick, President of Activision, states; ‘If it were up to me, I’d raise game prices even higher’. Internet implodes. Petitions are started, giant wicker men are burnt, and Kotick is targeted by pretty much everyone.

MIXED: 11th August – Madcats controller announced. Some think it’ll be good for those who want a better experience, and it’s not needed to play the game anyway. Most feel Activision are desperately trying to milk all the money they can out of the hype, and coupled with the price tag, many vow to boycott Activision games.

RISE: 25th August – Akimbo feature announced via Twitter. Akimbo allows you to dual wield certain weapons. Hype slowly building after recent battering.

RISE: 28th August – Flag Runner Footage hits. Not only goes the gameplay look incredible, but an added extra few seconds at the end confirms host migration and throwing knives. Parties rage through the night.

RISE: 16/17th September – Footage of Multiplayer and live demonstration picked up by many sites. Not only do the public have shiny new videos, but also words on those who played the game expressing their innermost feelings. Feelings of love.

FALL: 30th September – Those still angry at Activision jump on the chance to label the leaked video of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as a Modern Warfare 2 beater. The footage looks almost impossibly good, and all eyes are on its rival to see if it can match that.

RISE: 5th October – Infamy Trailer released. Confirmation of parts of the game set in the USA, including Washington D.C. Hype goes through the roof, as destroyed Washington is compared to Fallout 3.

So, what will the future hold for Modern Warfare 2? Will it be a constant rise due to new trailers and info, or will it take a hit like the now infamous price hike?

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  1. The video of Mad Catz’s PR Manager Alex Verry is terrifying. He has the worst sense of style I’ve ever seen and reminds me of Bob from Fight Club.

  2. You forgot (or maybe not but I think you should indicate it) the “possible” PC delay announced by electornictheater (or smthg like that).