Bayonetta Demo Now on JP PSN and Live

BayonettaAre you Japanese or merely got a Japanese PSN or Xbox Live account? Go get the demo to Bayonetta now.

The PS3 version weighs in at just over 1Gb, while the 360 demo is just under a gig.

Go make an account now. We’re downloading the demo now, impressions will be coming soon.

The game is out soon in Japan: a couple of weeks in fact. But the game won’t get a release here until sometime early next year for PS3 and 360.

3 Responses to “Bayonetta Demo Now on JP PSN and Live”

  1. Ps3 Version just has so much problems with the flamrate and screen tearing, while the game play really is something else. Can anyone tell me that will they fix the fps and screen tearing problems because it made me headache. I really want to have this game as one of my action games collection but if these problems won’t be fix, I guess I will skip these game and wait for GOW3 then.

    • Well, you can send off an email to Sega about it, and not Platinum Games. Sega is the one handling the PS3 port of the game, while Platinum are doing the 360 version.

    • = =” Well, after I went to SEGA website, I changed my mind since their a lot of people complaining it already. Guess that’s enough I will just get the 360 ver.(I heard it is better but haven’t try yet) then if the final product isn’t fix for ps3. But still I love my ps3 since I brought it myself, so I might reconsider about that since gameplays still fine. Thank you for answering me.

      Oh! and one question, will their be any differrent in jap. and US. version?ex. like more stuff in dissidia, somthing like that. If not I might get the jap version cause my ps3 is asia ver. and their a lot of import in to my country so I might get it first if their won’t be any different and having eng sub+dub.

      And the last question, If the game come out as what the demo like, will you still play it on ps3? I might!