Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott Reachs Goal, Shuts Down

Left 4 Dead 2

‘Tis the natural way of things. It grows, blossoms, dies. Or, in the case of the L4D2 Boycott, grows, gets bashed, shuts down. The founders of the group announced that they’d shot boycotting the sequel to L4D, as they are confidant alve will support the original.

“The recently released Crash Course was just the start. Future updates will continue to roll in, and 4v4 matchmaking is first in line. Valve has confirmed to us that it’ll be available before the release of L4D2. Also don’t forget, we have another DLC pack confirmed for sometime in the near future and of course, there will be bug fixes. This is as good as it can get people.”

Seems like there’s nothing to stop L4D2 reaching world domination on 17th November.

One Response to “Left 4 Dead 2 Boycott Reachs Goal, Shuts Down”

  1. I still think it’s really lame that PC users get free DLC while consoles users have to pay for it. Despite the fact we pay more for games up front.