Naughty Dog: “Who said we’re making Uncharted 3?”

Naughty Dog

Possibly giving a hint as to what the studio are working on next, Naughty Dog’s creative director Amy Hennig has revealed that for all we know, they could be working on Uncharted 3 next. Then again, they might not be:

“Who said we’re making Uncharted 3?,” said Hennig.

Hennig was speaking in an interview with InGameChat with fellow ND Neil Druckmann, where he revealed in the same interview that they are already looking at parts which even out do Uncharted 2.

“We’re Naughty Dog right? When we approach a new project, we can’t just make it slightly better, because people’s memory of the stuff is always better than what it actually was so it has to be so much better, so that it really stands out.

“We had a brain storming the other day and one of the designers pitched something that sounded like it might be able to top the train,” said Druckmann.

“I would think that what he was pitching would top the train quite a bit, but that’s all we can say,” addid Hennig.

For the record, Uncharted 2 is properly awesome. And we mean “properly awesome”. Seriously. Go check out the review to find out why.

24 Responses to “Naughty Dog: “Who said we’re making Uncharted 3?””

  1. David Macphail Says:

    I’d rather Naughty Dog did another Jak & Daxter game before going back to Uncharted.

    • Definitely not. Uncharted is one of the best video game series I’ve ever played. I would love to have more Uncharted.

    • Woah, dude seriously…have you played the Uncharted games???? They are the most fun i have had playing a game. i love them. Please Naughty Dog keep the Uncharted franchise alive. Dont listen to David up there…He is just a fucking retard obviously.

  2. Man Naughty Dog you guys are the best i will buy any game you guys make!!! im replaying your game again after i beat it and it still feels like im playing a new game!!! Im still in awe!!!! i battle myself to choose whether to play online or campaign bcus they are both very addictive!! I cant wait for the dlc

  3. PLEASE make a serious game, no cartoon bullshit, that wont get you anywhere with current ps3 owners

  4. I have to say this is truly one of the best games i have ever played. I owned a ps one back in the day then a a dreamcast but i later got an xbox and a playstation2. and now i own a 360 and a ps3 and so far uncharted 2 ranks high above most games i have ever played (this gen included).I must say you guys are really talented and deserve an award for this. i am going back to replay some levels just for the fun and enjoyment of it.and i never get tired of showing the game off to my friends. wow u2 is very very cool. keep up the good work.

  5. I liked Uncharted 1 and 2 a lot – fun to play, graphically pleasing.

    Jax and Daxter was ok back on PS2

    I would like to see a new IP from Naughty Dog – something fresh rather than revisit another sequel.

  6. Bring Jak & Daxter to PS3, I love that game!!!

  7. buy back crash bandicoot and fix it! :D

  8. gatormatt Says:

    We dont need jak and daxter on ps3 right now. saasdas is right, we dont need any of that cartoon bullshit right yet. R&C Future is all we need in that area. Uncharted 3 2011 ftw!!!

  9. gatormatt Says:

    Uncharted is the IP sony has been looking for for the ps3. Its their new flagship title. Stick with what works.

  10. Don’t listen to these people, Naughty Dog. Being a long term fan of your company, I’d recommend going back to Jak & Daxter. These people just want more Uncharted, and even though Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is one of the best games I’ve ever played, don’t milk this series. Keep it new, keep it fresh and take your time to develop new ideas for the sequel while you work hard on bringing Jak & Daxter to the PlayStation 3! :D

  11. Dion> what are you on? Dont milk sequels yet bring back jack and daxter?

    Crash Bandicoot Owns Jak Hands Down!

    • I agree. Crash Bandicoot is far better than Jak and Daxter in my opinion. I hope they take their time and make another great Uncharted and after watching some of the unlockable videos, I have faith in this group to do such. They seemed very into what they were doing and they enjoy what they do. Thanks for the great game Naughty Dog. Your attention to detail and desire to make a great game does not go unnoticed.

  12. David Macphail Says:

    Let’s get something straightened out here…..i love Uncharted. It’s easily the best new IP of this generation, eclipsing Gears Of War without even trying and Uncharted 2 is the only game that can even be CONSIDERED for GOTY 2009.

    However it will never, EVER come close to Jak & Daxter. J & D was one of the PS2′s top exclusive franchises (If not THE top franchise) and will never be replaced by any other platformer, Ratchet & Clank included.

    ND have already told us that they’d like to go back to Jak & Daxter – well i say there’s no time like the present!

  13. I have all 3 consoles of this generation, and i agree that Uncharted 2 is the best game to date this generation. It’s just perfect in every way if you ask me.

  14. peyton smith IV Says:

    I love jak and daxter! it IS amazing i would love that on ps3 something to finish the serise fully, completly explain the series! like going back in time being called MAR and you build the city and all (done over 3 games…) then its done and complete fully, no open strings!

  15. graphics for uncharted are great,love that game, hope they come out with a 3rd.

  16. sam age 46 Says:

    as a kid i loved playing arcade game, my favorite all time was BLACK TIGER, Naughy dog producers should remake that game for us old folks.

  17. uncharted 2 is good but not as good as jak & daxter i prefer makin another j & d and forgeting about uncharted jak and dexter is fun funny and epic at the same time i love jak and dexter but J & D all the way go naughty dog you the best game company luv yuh! =)

  18. Woah, dude seriously…have you played the jak & daxter games???? They are the most fun i have had playing a game. i love them. Please Naughty Dog keep the jak & daxter franchise alive. Dont listen to Zack up there…He is just a fucking retard obviously.

  19. Young-Warrior98 Says:

    OMG! NO! PLZ MAKE UNCHRTED 3 I love the Uncharted games and I thought you were gona make a: (Uncharted 3 journy to Atlantis) or something and it would BREAK me and my friends to know that there no more D-: PLZ I want it so bad (This is as bad is when Tomb Rader 3 diddnt come out with a 4th on PS1)

  20. man fuck you young warrior and eat a dick naughty dog please ignore young warrior hes never played jak game to see how fun and epic it is personioly j hate games that have real people in them i like cartoon games like jak or ratchet and clank uncharted aint got to cuss or have comedic stuff to sell but jak do so fuck him and fuck you to please naughty dog keep making the jak and daxter there my favorite game thank you =)