Continuous Play To Be Available Again ‘In 3 Months’

ps3 slim

Continuous Play, which is basically insurance for your Playstation 3, is set to be up and running again for new customers in 3 months, a PlayStation representative told GOONL!NE.

The Continuous Play scheme stopped taking on new customers in the middle of 2009, due to ‘fraudsters’ abusing the system. All you needed to do was pay roughly £5 a month, and if your PS3 were to get the dreaded Yellow Light, Sony would replace it free of charge. While an exact date was not given, the representative said that the service would be widely available “shortly, about 3 months or so.”

Good news for all those worrying about the health of their console, then.

One Response to “Continuous Play To Be Available Again ‘In 3 Months’”

  1. Is this for new playstations or all? Will they fix your console, send you a new one or a refurbished one?