RUMOR: New Price Of Persia To Be Announced Next Spring

Prince of Persia

It’ll be a year next month since the last Prince of Persia game launched, and any of you out there looking for a sequel are in luck. Over at Neoseeker, they’ve previewed the upcoming Prince Of Persia film, but at the end of their article left this little snippit;

“Our last bit of news is a juicy one: Ubisoft will be announcing a new Prince of Persia game in the spring, according to the team, but it’s not their place to give out any details.”

When approached by CVG, Ubisoft didn’t deny that a new Prince of Persia game will be getting a Spring reveal, as an Ubi rep replied to CVG with a swift “no comment.”

The movie is due out in North America on May 28th, so if there is to be an announcement, expect it around then.