BioWare Still Refuse to Confirm or Deny Mass Effect 2 PS3

Mass Effect 2BioWare has one again refused to either confirm or deny that they are working on a PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2, insisting that they have only announced it thus far for the Xbox 360 and PC.

“Always lots of rumours, but we’ve announced basically it’s coming to Xbox 360 and PC, and thats all we’re talking about,” said BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka, speaking in the latest GTTV.

Followed up again and asked if a PS3 version was ruled ou, other BioWare co-founder, Greg Zeschuck said:

“We’re not saying anything.”

Make of that as you will.

For now, it’s out on the 360 from January 2010.

21 Responses to “BioWare Still Refuse to Confirm or Deny Mass Effect 2 PS3”

  1. YUp, its a definite. Mass Effect (2) for the Ps3. They dont wanna say anything, as a surprise for PS3 useres, much like myself. EA have always been more of a multiplat publisher, so kudos to them, for spreading joy!

    • How is it definite that mass effect 2 is coming on the ps3?…yea as much i love this and will buy it on the 360 it should come on the ps3…but EA has made games exclusive on a system before…i think a while back on the xbox/ps2/gamecube era…you just sound cocky by saying that….anyways are you a bioware employee? no i don’t think so..only a bioware employee would know that answer..if its out on the ps3 or not

  2. If your so desperate for mass effect get it for xbox360 only console of choice. I know u lot Sony fanatics are desperate for xbox360 games because all the ps3 games are not worth playing and sales prove that.

    • David Macphail Says:

      PP – are your parents brother and sister? You wanna talk about sales? There isn’t a single exclusive franchise on the Breakbox that has sold even CLOSE to the GT franchise. ALL the 360 exclusives are garbage and not worth playing and sales prove that.

      Also, Uncharted 2 and LBP have higher review scores than ANY game on the 360, meaning that every 360 exclusive is garbage and not worth it’s weight in toilet paper by comparison! I know you 360 fangirls have a lot of spare time theese days considering there isn’t a SINGLE (Now that ME2 is lost) exclusive coming out for the 360 but if this is all you have to do with your life then you really must be pathetic.

      BTW, Uncharted 2 sold more copies last month than ANY other game including your precious GALO 3: ODST, suck on that you retard!

    • BigTwitchy Says:

      No Dave I think your the inbred one here. For one 360 has more consoles sold 2.) odst outsold uncharted 2, maybe not last month, but overall so far it has 3.) you do not know if me2 or 1 or 3 are coming to ps3, you blieve they are, but you don’t know 4.) lbp and uncharted do not have higher review scores then every 360 exclusive so stop clamouring to your delusion that your great and so is the ps3, it is opinion and as humans we are entitled to it 5.) so far 360 games have had the highest game sales on either console so saying that none of the 360 games have come close to GT is a blatant lie and shows your just divorced from reality and as a psychiatrist that can be a sign of serious mental issues and 6.) I have a ps3 and my favorite game ever is on there, that being Metal gear solid 4. So don’t start calling me an xbot or anything. I love video games, not the system they are on.

    • David Macphail Says:

      BigTwitch – if you’re gonna call people names at least get to English class first you inbred moron. If you want to say “You are” it’s you’re, not your you freaking retard, learn the difference.

      LBP and U2 DO have the higher review scores you stupid freaking troll, go look at Metacritic – LMAO, it’s obvious you don’t follow the games industry at all.

      Also – the GT franchise has sold 53 million units, more than ANY 360 exclusive franchise you freaking moron – again, do your research and stop being a blind, delusional fanboy.

      It’s clear your parents dropped you on your head………….several times, at least. Also, you might wanna get some lessons on sentence structure while you’re back at English class.

    • I smell an xbot… I have had three 360′s and rrod on all three? piece of shit!!!!!anyways..ps3 is the better system,has the best games,espesially exclusives,and I dont worry about it tearing up…its quality!!& blu-ray baby!whoooooooooooo!!PS3

    • wow GT a series that has spanned over 3 console generations has sold more than a game spanned over 1 generation.
      wow who would of expected that?
      davids here again to talk shit about anything thats not on the ps3 or wii what a surprise.
      shouldent you be off playing that new mario game, or uncharted 2?
      o yea, sorry i forgot.
      ps fanbabys only talk about games, they dont buy them.

    • David Macphail Says:

      Name – if Playstation owners don’t buy games then why has GT sold more than ANY 360 game??? LOL – you must be retarded. Evidently it’s YOU who doesn’t buy games. Also – both Halo and Fable have spanned over two console generations you moron – you’d think that the world’s #1 360 fanboy would at least follow his own exclusive games.

    • CHRIST! you are dumb.
      maybe if i type in caps you can understand.

  3. Lol at the spelling mistake in the title!

  4. @PP Says

    HAHAHA to funny, One of those few games that you have for Xbox360 is ME2 and now your saying “desperate for xbox360 games” what kind of games are you trying to say? and then said that “ps3 games are not worth playing and sales prove that” so uncharted2, Killzone2, dont prove anything at all with your logic in order to say that a game is good it needs to have good sales? hahaha so hilarious!

  5. That´s the only 360 big “exclusive” (is also on PC). 2010 is the PS3 year, as 2009 was.

  6. Darn you Bioware! I have a completed ME1 playthrough on my 360 so it would be great to continue that on the 360 yet, the Ps3 is my platform of choice. If they were to announce it for PS3 they would have to rerelease the first game or have a way to upload old user data from a console to their new social site and then make that cross platform and downloadable in order to continue a game save from one platform to another. Now I am torn. Oh well. This is a good problem to have! Bioware seems to be pretty decent with the PS3 as evidenced by Dragon Age. Go Bioware you rule. :)

  7. Dr_N_Jones_Jr. Says:

    This game is certain to come out on the PS3 simply for the fact that for the most recent quarter, EA posted a double digit million dollar loss. From a profit perspective, they would be stupid not to release ME2 and ME for PS3 simply for the fact that they would gain additional sales and bring in more money. I’m guessing that since Dragon Age came out as a multiplatform release that they were using that game to get Bioware used to coding for the PS3. They’ll probably release both games on a single disc, hopefully, as a way to bring new people to the series. They might add the DLC from ME 1 to the disc but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t since this is EA here and they like money just like every other publisher.

    Seriously, can we check the fanboyism at the door? The more people who get to enjoy ME the better. Bioware deserves to have their games reaching as many people as possible and with the decision I mentioned above it can only mean good things for them, in regards to ME3, i.e. bigger budget/better game that sort of thing.

  8. David Macphail Says:

    Well this pretty much confirms it, if this game wasn’t coming out on PS3 Bioware would have blurted it out, simple as that. Obviously this means ME2 is another timed exclusive so the only question now is – will PS3 owners get a port of the first Mass Effect as well?

  9. PS3′s got enough games, ME is like Bioshock to me, don’t need it.

  10. @Keep it: Mass Effect series is much more than just Bioshock.

    Microsoft is just paying Bioware to keep their mouth shut.

  11. M$ check book is due to this.
    50 bucks says ME2 will release a 360 n pc exclusive than they will announce a PS3 version.
    ME and ME2 on one disk for the price of ME 2.