RUMOR: Heavy Rain Features A Shower Scene Too

As if stripping in front of a dirty old man with a gun wasn’t enough, a cryptic tweet from suggests that there’s also a shower scene thrown in as well;

“Heavy Rain preview code GET! Whole team gathered around… to watch @bodbod take a shower. :-/ Looks stunning so far. (Not @bodbod)”

No character mentioned, but for some reason, we guess it’s Madison. How many excuses does Quantic Dream need to flash some next-gen nipple?

Game is out next year for the PS3.

5 Responses to “RUMOR: Heavy Rain Features A Shower Scene Too”

  1. Should Quantic Dream need an excuse to show nipples??

    the game is 18-rated so don’t think they need to excuse anything, hope they show lot more than nipples :-)

  2. I believe you have mis read the tweet…

  3. Mis read or not, i’m just surprised this is even an issue..

  4. hehehe… interesting… =D

  5. hopefully we will get some good boobs physics in the game and the ability to move them with the sixaxis controller.