Unannounced Horror Sequel Teased in OPM is Dead Space 2

Update: Called it. Reveal coming December 22nd.

Original Story: In the latest issue of Official Playstation Magazine, a new, unannounced horror sequel is teased in the ‘Next Month’ section. What could it be?

Are those tentacles coming out of a gas mask? What are those letters on the top of the creature’s head? Why the odd, view obstructing grill? After sending the picture to forensics, we’ve discovered that the game is Dead Space 2.


Well, after a quick search for Dead Space Concept Art, here’s what came up: Recognize The Mask? That means you can expect the first info and screenshots next month, in Issue 40.

Issue 39 is out now, and the picture is after the jump.

8 Responses to “Unannounced Horror Sequel Teased in OPM is Dead Space 2”

  1. smokey_vols Says:

    Uhh i’m pretty sure that the odd, view obstructing grill is the first person view from Issac if he happened to survive the first game that is.

    • HappyExplosion Says:

      Yes thats gotta be issacs grill on his helmet as it even has the smaller peice coiming down as well as across,…Im still annoyed at the fact that my orignal PSN user NeonLightKnight when bust and all my trophies when mad including my DeadSpace platinum!!! Well Im still gonna get this first one was brilliant :)

  2. hope its not dead space 2 because we all know thats coming.
    i want it to be a new unannounced survival horror IP.
    the genre that is seriously lacking these days, the flagship titles of the genre resident evil and silent hill have gone down the shitter so where is their replacements?
    i need a good true proper survival horror game like resident evil 4 no game put the pressure on you and seriously increased the tension up to 11.
    the tension and atmosphere in that game is absolutely brilliant no game can touch it.
    doom 3 was the last game i played that actually scared me, how long has that been?
    5 years?
    thats kinda sad.

  3. You obviously didn’t play dead space then, it was a he’ll of alot more suspence then any other horror game also try saw and blood siren!

  4. Hope its Dead Space II =)
    However this picture implies that you play Isaac this time too. I hate that guy. They should give us at least the option to play someone else, preferably a female too.
    Remember Silent Hill 3? They were able to let the main character show fear and panic because she was just some girl. Try the same thing with a male character, he’ll just be considered a chicken :P

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