UPDATE: Heavy Rain Features A Male Shower Scene

Yeah, you read that right. A week ago, we reported a cryptic tweet from suggesting that there was also a shower scene in Heavy Rain;

“Heavy Rain preview code GET! Whole team gathered around… to watch @bodbod take a shower. :-/ Looks stunning so far. (Not @bodbod)”

Obviously, we assumed it was Madison, who shows all in a strip scene. However,  from OPM, in response to when the public will be able to see the scene, reveals that it’s a male character having a clean;

“Early next year. (It’s a dude in the shower though.)”

The game is out in 2010 for the PS3.

19 Responses to “UPDATE: Heavy Rain Features A Male Shower Scene”

  1. Should Quantic Dream need an excuse to show nipples??

    the game is 18-rated so don’t think they need to excuse anything, hope they show lot more than nipples :-)

  2. I believe you have mis read the tweet…

  3. Mis read or not, i’m just surprised this is even an issue..

  4. hehehe… interesting… =D

  5. hopefully we will get some good boobs physics in the game and the ability to move them with the sixaxis controller.

  6. Oh, Ewww!? Eww!? Is the writer of this article a 10 year old, or a bigot?

  7. And it’s about time someone has the guts to show gamers that there are more than just emaciated females on this planet

  8. wicked, people gotta realise that sure alot of you straight guys would love to see a naked female, but there are female and gay guy gamers that would appreciate a naked male, so awsome!!…. Dont be bigots, you should appreciate that all walks of life like to play games cause thats the only way they will keep making them… if people buy them.

  9. Haha awesome. One question: will it have as gratuitous shots as the strip dancing that Madison did?

  10. I just hope is not scott shelby,

  11. Barack Obama Says:

    LOLOLOL @ Scott Shelby comment

  12. i hope my country gets the censored edition

  13. Mmmale…..

  14. Will there be sixaxis or PS3 wand support…lol lol lol

  15. Or rather PS3 dildo

  16. A Surprised Gamer Says:

    I thought there’d be more homophobic comments than this… hooray for open-mindedness =]]

  17. I agree with Antonio…this industry is not formed by straight guys… they are also Bisex and gays (like myself) I feel kinnda weird tho… This would be the first game with some actual mature content and not just sluty one…

    I can’t wait for this game to come and not for the nude scenes… the whole action based story line it’s pretty amazing if you ask me..

  18. i really wished they did not delay this game into next year, its been in development since the beginning of time.
    im really interested to see how the story transpires from character to character if some die.