Details on new Bond game released

CVG have unveiled the new title for Activision’s forthcoming James Bond title.

The new game will be called James Bond: Bloodstone and will not be tied in to Bond 23 movie. Rumours about the game speculate that it is more than just the racer that was first mentioned but that the game could also incorporate FPS or TPS mechanics.

One Response to “Details on new Bond game released”

  1. Can’t wait! XD
    Coz once I was in the No. 1 Spot in the Quantum of Solace leaderboards for Wins, Eliminations, Streak and a few more, but one of the last in accuracy ROFL! =P

    Now I’m somewhere in the top 300 for Eliminations, 600 for Wins, 100 for Streak, and I don’t know bout me accuracy.