New Medal of Honor at Work at EA, Goes Into Modern Times

According to GameJeux, they claim that a new Medal of Honor is at work at EA and instead of going into WW2 again, we’ll be going into the present…or rather the near past…as in Afghanistan in 2002 at the start of the War on Terror.

More info below.

The game will be based on a real life operation that happened in Afghanistan in March 2002 where Coaltion forces garner the upper hand in the war:

The new MOH is based on events that have marked this operation. By way to Tokur Ghar, a Navy SEAL helicopter came under fire sporadic rocket launchers. During this incident, the owner of 1st Class Neil Roberts fell east of the Chinook landed 30 metres down in the snow. Unable to rescue the helicopter crashed 6 kilometers further. The huge contingent deployed in the Shahikot then has been more than an idea in mind: to assist Robert. But the stock has increased, other rapid Rangers, one of the best trained units of the army, has set up an attack against full of heroism. She was able to secure the mountain and allow the evacuation of all involved, dead or alive.

The new Medal of Honor you contera history of the heroes who helped save Operation Anaconda of the disaster. As it unfolds, players will play multiple responsibilities, engaging the enemy in the skin of a simple soldier in the group “mortar”, in command of a drone attack, among combatants on the front or the snipers, to name a few. The intensity of this game shooting the 1st person, the realism of the image and some 60 customizable weapons waiting for you, you will relive the terrible scenario of an operation which would leave you gasping for air.

We dont know the platforms the game will appear on but we assume it’ll be all 3 of the main consoles as well as the DS and PSP. The game should have a 2009 release to it.

Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda details [Tiscali Games]

11 Responses to “New Medal of Honor at Work at EA, Goes Into Modern Times”

  1. please do it on xbox 360

    • $traituzi Says:

      no! you guys get all the games give the wii people a chance for a wii based fps (Conduit and this new MOH)

  2. OMFG, modern time?
    They go for World War Two and Vietnam and Future and now time
    But hell NO, NO World War One, WTF is wrong with people and WWI today it whas the great war one and had one of the best equpment at the time.

  3. volcol Says:

    Theyre pulling a CoD 4

  4. dimmuson Says:

    Nice one… do it also for PC.

  5. No I want it in WW2. Not in the modern time

  6. Dan The Noob Says:

    Woot… gonna be lame but medal of honor used to be cool so u never know… and World war 1 game would be pointless as fuck… *runs outta trench and dies* GAME OVER

  7. thomas the great Says:

    well idk about u guys but i perfer ww2 games and ww1 than modern day

  8. [...] medal of honor in works new medal of honor in works…New Medal of Honor at Work at EA, Goes Into Modern Times GOONL!NE. following in the path of COD this will be interesting … [...]

  9. Damn,
    I love WWII, why leave it? But worse, why modern times? It would be better Vietnam war since WWI is pointless…

  10. i think it will be a really good idea and a modern warfare type game is what moh needs to get back up there and compete with cod it is a fact