RUMOR: Mass Effect 2 to Have 5 Player Co-Op

Simply put, Mass Effect was the best RPG of 2007 and one of the best games of last year alongside Call Of Duty 4, Halo 3, The Orange Box, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Mario Galaxy. We even predicted at E3 (but it was a crazy prediction that we knew would never happen) that Mass Effect 2 would be unveiled at E3 and would be a timed exclusive to the Xbox 360.

It seems that as far as the exclusivity thing is concerned, there maybe some truth in that amongist other things.

It seems that Bioware, the developers of Mass Effect, are knee deep in development on Mass Effect 2 since July 2007 a full 3 months before the first game was even released. The game will be a timed exclusive to the Xbox 360 for 6 months when it is eventually released sometime late next year but will be coming to the PC within 6 months.

Thats because, before the game’s release, Microsoft Games Studios published the game for the Xbox 360 but soon after, EA bought BioWare as well as Pandemic Studios and all rights of Mass Effect went to them, hence the PC release 6 months after the Xbox 360 verison.

Also, the game will have 5 player co-op online…wow.

Also, there was a fair list of stuff which got our eye.

  • Release date: Xbox 360 – November 2009 (Worldwide), PC – TBA 2010
  • The story in Mass Effect 2 will continue 2 months after Mass Effect
  • The story will not continue depending on the last decision made by the player in Mass Effect, it will however continue after the PC version ending
  • The character created in Mass Effect can be transported into Mass Effect 2 via save-files
  • Level cap has been increased to Level 120
  • BioWare is using the Unreal Engnine 3 for graphics, with many custom changes made, graphics will be better than in Gears of War 2
  • There will be a Multiplayer component called Survival, where players will crash on a planet and battle to survive against endless hordes of enemies, the score will be determined on how many enemies will be killed and how much time players will be able to survive, there is no end to this mode, it’s a very similar mode to Gears of War 2′s Horde.
  • The player can now lead a squad of 2-5 members, the player decides how many squad members will be on each mission (Applied to co-op too)
  • The Citadel is now much larger, and whenever a player visits the Citadel all members of the players squad go with him/her, the squad will interact with other NPC’s if you allow them to
  • Battles wil be on a much larger scale, reported scale is the same as in Gears of War 2
  • There will 2 more classes added to the aditional classes from the first game
  • The Galaxy has been expanded, you can now explore 8 times more planets than in Mass Effect, also, every planet now has a bigger scale, players will be able to set up small bases on planets with a sustainable atmosphere
  • There will be Boss Battles in the game
  • The second mission will be to save a squad member that was believed to be dead in Mass Effect, depending on the decision made on planet Virmire (the cloning facility mission), you will have to rescue the squad member left behind,
    the story will explain how the squad member survived the detonation
  • Planet Eden Prime can now be visited, explored and the player can now build his own house on the planet, same with many other planets

And the kicker is, it came from a Gamespot article (Which is now dead and aint up anymore)

Still, if all this is true, Mass Effect 2 is seriously gonna be better then the first.

First Mass Effect 2 Info?? [Colony of Gamers]

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    I really liked part one. I am so anxious for part two and I am so sure part three will be great as well. I hope to see more details on part 2 and 3 soon.