CONFIRMED: PS3 Price Cut Not Happening

playstation-3According to Geoff Keighley’s Twitter, Sony have confirmed that there will be no price cut coming to the PS3 tomorrow, when Sony have their big announcement

Keighley simply stated on his Twitter:

Sony just sent out a statement that “we do not have plans for a PS3 price drop”

We’ve got a snippet of the press release (we dont have the full one), its after the jump.

“As we have stated previously, we do not have plans for a PS3 price drop, and any rumors to that effect are false and are the result of speculation. SCEA remains focused on the long-term momentum of PS3. With the industry’s best software lineup this year, combined with our most aggressive marketing campaign to date, we remain confident in our approach and the value we’re delivering with PS3.”

One can now only think that the PlayStation 2 price cut is incoming tomorrow, a PS3 and/or PSP price-cut coming in June or just before the Christmas holidays.

14 Responses to “CONFIRMED: PS3 Price Cut Not Happening”

  1. big d101 Says:

    they said the same thing for the first price drop

  2. I’m pretty certain they mean this one, the writing is on the wall for a PS2 pricecut, not a PS3 or PSP.

    Besides, the PS2 is in its last year, at $99, if you havent had one before, now would be the perfect time to.

    The PS2 has, in my opinion (and I can say this with absolute certainty without any other consoles in mind like the 360 or PS3) the best gaming library ever which holds some of the best games ever like the revolution of GTA, MGS2 & 3, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, I could go on but simply, the evidence is there.

  3. ahhhh, wtf? that Twitter page is not jaffe’s real page.
    this is the real page:

    • Ahh, should have figured as such.

      Thanks for that.

      The Jaffe Tweets have been take taken out, thanks for that.

      We do apologise to get ahead of ourselves.

  4. darkpower Says:

    Didn’t they say something about the announcement being PS3 related, though? Why does everyone think that it has anything to do with the PS2 stuff?

    Still think the price cut is coming real soon. Of COURSE Sony would deny it to keep the dogs off of them.

  5. commodore Says:

    Ya, this doesn’t really confirm anything.

    Sony has done that many times.

  6. rocketwisdom23 Says:

    if the price cut of PS3 is not included for the announcement, what is the concern to Sony anyway?

  7. sony,you’re dumb as fuck.
    what the hell?
    the change to win the game market one more time and you guys do this.
    really dumb.

  8. its not dumb its being smart.
    there loosing so much money on each console it would be stupid to lower the price now.
    there better off waiting till infamous is out and see when some other ps3 exclusives are coming out.
    if there close after infamous do a price drop on release of infamous,
    otherwise do a price drop on the release of the first exclusive after infamous.
    because now theres no reason to buy a ps3 besides killzone 2 and mayb R2 and MGS4 but your better off wating.
    100 bucks says they will hold on a price drop till GT5 that games going to sell like hotcakes.

  9. Mr. G, England Says:

    The only reason why I’ve not bought a PS3 is because of the £300 price tag here in England. Who is really bothered about a PS2 price cut though? A PS2 here in England sells for under £100, but I’d of thought by now it would of been a bit cheaper what with it being nearly a 10 year old console. In my eyes, PS3 should be £199.99, PS2 £79.99, PSPs should be £99.99. How many people are holding out for the PS3 to come in at under £200? Most PS2 owners haven’t invested in a PS3 yet. I’m holding out.

  10. yea they need a drop but not yet.
    if they have a drop now they cant afford to have another drop around the release of their exclusives there for there exclusives may and probably wont sell as well.
    there better off waiting to infamous and hopefully that will make a massive splash make alot of people want a ps3 just for that.
    than drop the price and watch them fly out the door.

    but for THE LOVE OF GOD SONY market infamous and ALL other exclusives properly.
    look at the recent best sales for the 360 gears 2 why did that sell so well?
    because 2 weeks b4 release up untill christmas you couldent walk down the street turn on the tv or even go to the movies without seeing a gears 2 add.
    halo wars same thing.
    killzone 2?
    no bus shelter adds.
    no adds b4 movies.
    no tv adds.
    well sorry since the release ive seen 1 tv add and 2 movie adds 2 in over a month pethetic.
    IF sony are paying people to market there games i would fire them NOW.
    me and my dog would do a better job and i would be more than happy to do that as long as the pay is wright :D

  11. they need a price cut

  12. not many people can afford ps3 .so if there is a price cut more people will buy ps3! so that means more money!