Final Fantasy XI Announced for PLAYSTATION 3


We missed this in the influx of MGS5 and Tetsuya Nomura stories that came up throughout Wednesday night. Square Enix has announced a port of Final Fantasy XI for the PLAYSTATION 3, according to Dengeki. The MMORPG was already on the Xbox 360 since 2006, but now XI comes to the PS3 in the run up to Final Fantasy XIII.

Final Fantasy XI was already released in Japan and US for the PlayStation 2, but not in Europe till the Xbox 360 release. But now with a European PS release incoming, it now means all XIII Final Fantasy games will be on the PS in some form in Europe.

It did take nearly 3 years though. Not a patch on XIII coming to 360 though.

One Response to “Final Fantasy XI Announced for PLAYSTATION 3”

  1. yup and the third game is the city teaser, project rapture.