E3 2009: Final Fantasy VII Rated by the ESRB

Keep your knickers, this aint what you think it is.

The ESRB has rated Final Fantasy VII for the PS3. But before you go fucking mental, trashing your room in happiness, this aint the remake. This is the PS1 version probably getting ready for a release on the PS Store as a PS1 classic. It’s been on the Japanese PS Store for a while now.

The game’s been rated T for Teen and is being published by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

But is this leading to something bigger? Well, Advent Children Complete is released on Blu-Ray in the US on Tuesday, but last year has proved to expect the unexpected with Square Enix. We’re saying nothing except keep an eye on Tuesday…

2 Responses to “E3 2009: Final Fantasy VII Rated by the ESRB”

  1. it’s already out in international territories. Is this news?