The GOONL!NE Weekly Recap – 25/5 – 31/5 (The One Before E3)


After 3 weeks gone without a recap due to our lazy arses, The GOONL!NE Weekly Recap is back and just in time for E3. This week, it’s all been about E3 and the run-up to it. Hit the jump to see what’s been going on in the run-in to E3 as it kicks off tomorrow (June 1st).

And dont forget, livetexts for the big 3, plus EA, Ubi and more as we kick off our E3 coverage tomorrow from 4pm with the livetext of the Microsoft conference.



Full Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Released
RUMOR: Square Enix to Announce 3 New Games Before E3
Bank Holiday Monday Here on GOONL!NE


RUMOR: Kojima to Announce an MGS “Orange Box” in Famitsu Tomorrow
CONFIRMED: Geoff Keighley Kills Off a 2009 Release for Heavy Rain
E3 2009: SCEA Promises a “fresh” PS3 Title to Be Revealed Soon
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Announced
BioShock 2 Dated for US and Europe


E3 2009: Dylan Jobe Clarifies Situation on Next Game
CONFIRMED: Metal Gear Solid 5 Confirmed – Featuring Big Boss & Gray Fox (?)
First No More Heroes 2 Screens from Famitsu Scan
CONFIRMED: Nomura No Longer Involved with Final Fantasy XIII
CONFIRMED: New Final Fantasy XIII Media to Be Shown at E3
CONFIRMED: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Not at E3
New Modern Warfare 2 Trailer to Be Shown During Champions League Final
CONFIRMED: Splinter Cell: Connection Out in 2009


E3 2009: EA Announce E3 Line-Up
E3 2009: Activision Announce E3 Line-Up
E3 2009: Konami Promises “revolutionary announcements” for E3 Briefing
E3 2009: GT to Show Big Three and Thensome Live
E3 2009: Metal Gear Solid 4 & Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Added to Greatest Hits
EU PlayStation Blog Opens Up for Business
E3 2009: Xbox 360 Sells 30 Million Worldwide
E3 2009: Ubisoft to Stream E3 Press Conference


Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller to Bust Out of Rapture
Final Fantasy XI Announced for PLAYSTATION 3
E3 2009: to Show Microsoft E3 Briefing
E3 2009: New Lost Planet 2 Trailer Revealed
E3 2009: Mass Effect 2 – E3 Teaser Trailer
E3 2009: DJ Hero – Debut Teaser
E3 2009: RUMOR: Killing Day to Set to Return Thanks to Trademark Filling
E3 2009: Bayonetta – E3 2009 Trailer
E3 2009: Bethesda Announce Brink – First Trailer
E3 2009: Lionhead Will Be at Microsoft Conference for “big presentation”
E3 2009: RUMOR: Team ICO Coming to LittleBigPlanet
E3 2009: Square Enix Announce E3 2009 Line-Up
E3 2009: Mass Effect 2 Release Brought Forward to 2009


E3 2009: Watch Sony’s E3 Conference in Home on Tuesday
E3 2009: Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time – First Gameplay Footage
E3 2009: Leaked Footage of Assassins Creed 2 Emerges
GOONL!NE’s Top 10 Most Antcipated Games of E3 2009 – Part 1


E3 2009: The Games That Never Made Our Top 10
E3 2009: Nikkei – Wii Fit to Have Internet, New Mario Incoming
E3 2009: Final Fantasy VII Rated by the ESRB
E3 2009: Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time – E3 Trailer
E3 2009: Dead Rising 2 – E3 Trailer

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