E3 2009: Nintendo Press Conference — LIVE [UPDATE]


UPDATE: CoveritLive is having problems we think and we cant get on, so consider this livetext canceled. However, any news that comes from the conference, we’ll be covering here.

The Sony livetext will still go ahead, but now at 6:30pm BST.

Original Story: Microsoft delievered one of the strongest press conferences last night, not just in E3 history, but probably ever with great demos, the stunning announcement of Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Project Natal. But now, the other two platform holders must either rise above it or face the music. First up is Nintendo with Reggie, Satoru and… dear god *grabs gun and puts it to head* …Cammie.

We know, we’re scared too.

No Miyamoto this time as well apparently.

Sony comes up at 7pm BST. Catch our livetext below. Livetext of the Sony conference begins at 6pm, depending on if the Nintendo conference overruns.

Nintendo Press Conference — LIVE