Hidden Feature in PS3 Firmware 3.0


I’m sure many of you PS3 gamers out there have had experiences online where some users microphones have given terrible feedback, well now, help is at hand from Sony’s latest Firmware update in the shape of an Echo Canceller.

Head over to the settings section of the XMB and scroll down to Accessory Settings, and then choose Audio Device Settings. Move the cursor down to your headset, and hit Triangle. From there, choose Settings off the menu, and you can then use the Echo Canceller.

It’s strange to think a feature like this was left off any changelogs for 3.00, as it could be a Godsend for many online gamers, and may be particularly good for those of you who use the PS Eye as a mic.

22 Responses to “Hidden Feature in PS3 Firmware 3.0”

  1. I noticed there are many more, Sony wants YOU to figure it out so you feel special

  2. dylantalon Says:

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  3. Will Swarbrick Says:

    Cheers Dylan =P

  4. shouldnt it auto cancel the echo…why does it need to be turned on??

    • Randomlinger Says:

      Echos are actually useful for stuff like conference calls, or conversations involving many people in the room. Seeing as the PS Eye handles this sort of thing, to some the echo might be of use. The company I work for has included online microphone feedback and we found that it was better to keep it on since it worked more of the time. It’s hard to explain.

  5. morganfell Says:

    dylantalon..that’s because nobody likes you over at n4g. haha

    After his every post, this guy always types: “ps. the talon is for talented.” haha. there is no ‘o’ in talented. DUMBASS!

    • DumbAss? That must be you DUMBASS.. Why would he type it/ ever hear about a signature ? Hmmm Idiot!

    • Just me..there is nothing wrong with having a signature.

      But, what’s funny is that having “dylantalon” as your screen name, and then having to explain it in your signature, because your dumbass can’t spell. Now where’s the talent in that?

  6. ^^ lol morganfell, I remember you from N4G.com too. Kudos for putting dylantalon in his place.

    Also, great find. I love those hidden features.

  7. Valter Kasuk Says:

    Everybody has seen the sparcles on the XMB, and I think that everybody notised how they reacted to the menu movement.

    But do try this!

    Take your controller and start gently swinging to the left, OR right – you will see that all those sparcles will move to the way you are swinging! If you try and shake the controller, the sparcles will start to fly erratically!

  8. Anyone else noticed the new feature when you play music? The planetary display in the background is beautiful. Unless that was one of the features all ready mentioned

  9. nice feature thanks for info

  10. the planetary background display has always been there

  11. yamumsawersome Says:

    any chance of getting a background noise filter or something?
    im sick to death of playing games and i have to put up with some dick head leb blaring his shitty rap music.
    o wait i think he just blew his window and his speaker.
    putting up with that shit at tafe and when im driving on the road is bad enough, let alone having to put up with it during online games to.

  12. i cant open settings, it’s dark

  13. Nice find thanks..

  14. BlackPatriot Says:

    I found that yesterday trying to fix up my new BT headset and me being so ignorant I though it was always there…LOL

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