Artist’s Idea for a New XMB is Gorgeous


Every Firmware Update, there’s always some problems. ‘Where’s my favorite button?’ or ‘Where the icon gone?’ or ‘EWWW, GRAY BOXES!’.

FW 3.00 added a lot to PS3, but it seemed to add too much. Instead of the old, clean, friends list, PS3 users were outraged that friends are now encapsulated by large, ugly gray boxes. Sony have said they’re looking into changes. But maybe the internet can give us a better idea…

Step up Steven Shaw, aka Scorchio. He’s made a short video showing off his idea for a friends list, and without bursting Sony’s bubble…It’s gourgous. There’s a little website up taking you through the changes he’s made, including a new Gamer ID card, and new Photo Gallery and Store button. He’s even got a , asking Sony to take notice. And frankly, we really hope they do.

Video after the jump.

14 Responses to “Artist’s Idea for a New XMB is Gorgeous”

  1. i think i just came

    yep. i did

    i gotta go clean up now

  2. That is just…
    uh.. BEAUTIFUL!!
    Love the look sony should really look into this…

  3. i will support this guy, as long as he wont have mony from sony, from using this idea

  4. Man that is nice. Kudos Steve, i really liked the gamer card thing. I hope Sony would take his suggestions into consideration.

  5. it is beautiful. you would have thought that sony would have done something like this instead of you know

  6. it looks amazing but i doubt the ps3 can pull that off that smoothly. especially in game.

  7. honestly sony can go *Kitten* themselves i like ps3 but when some guy can design a nicer looking system then their team of people whoever do this *puppy* can thats *lollipop* up

  8. You people also need to realize TECHNICAL LIMITATIONS.

    Not all of these things can be pulled off smoothly given RAM and CPU constraints. The MAIN limiting factor here is that it would pretty much be IMPOSSIBLE technically to do such a comprehensive Trophy/gamercard interface while in-game (i.e., in-game XMB).

  9. Dude I agree with everyone in this forum or at least the ones who support ya 100% One question though. Where can we all back ya up and make sony acually turn their heads. ?

  10. So, screw those with a 4:3 SDTV, eh?

    Looks good though.

  11. this is exactly what ive been saying for months.
    sony have completly lost their touch, they use to make some beautiful hardware and software.
    now everything they make us UGLY!
    psp go UGLY!
    ps3 slim UGLY!
    FW 3.0 update friends list UGLY!
    that would be perfect, its extremely sad that sonys getting out classed by 1 person.
    1 person is doing a better job than one of the worlds largest electronic companies.
    same with that website that customizes ps3s for you.
    imagine how much money sony could make if they did that themselves.
    i would happily pay 700 bucks for a ps3 slim customized in that white and orange pain job.

  12. if i scroll fast in the xmb at the friend list, in the left side
    of the screen a scroll bar is visable just like the youtube
    picture ^
    the scroll bar is left for the avarters

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