Molyneux: Natal Will Create Whole New Genres

NatalAnything you know about developing games? It dont matter it wont help, thats if your working on Natal anyways.

Head of Lionhead Peter Molyneux states that whole new genres will be created, thanks to the new motion sensing controller which was revealed at E3 last week, speaking in a video interview.

One thing that will be created with Natal, and I bet money on it, is whole new genres. Dont think of RPG’s, RTS’s, or action games or sports games as being just it. Those are the compartments that were defined by a controller, Natal is gonna create whole new compartments.

Natal is now a very big project for Molyneux, considering not only did Lionhead show off a Natal project in Milo, but Molyneux was also promoted to Creative Director of Microsoft Games Studios Europe, overlooking studios like Lionhead and Rare on Natal projects. And anything you know about development, throw it out according to the Fable creator.

For me, as a designer, I’m having to go back to school. Just about everything you think is a holy grail in design, throw away and start again.

Catch the video after the jump.

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