Battlefield 1943 Played By 80,000 People on Live

Battlefield 1943This could be the reason why the XBLA version of Battlefield 1943 has been kicking the bucket since it’s release on Wednesday. According to Gamerbytes, they claim that over 80,000 people has gone on the game since it’s release.

No such figures for the PS3 yet, mind you its only been out for less then 24 hours.

More through the link.

2 Responses to “Battlefield 1943 Played By 80,000 People on Live”

  1. shit they way M$ and dice are acting you would think it did 2mill in sales….

  2. thedeviantgamer Says:

    Though I am happy for DICE, it just really irritates me that we always have these problems now when games are released. I can understand on the first day that we should expect problems but its been going on for a couple days now. I just recently played on live and they pointed out that they now have more servers up and running but yet it still sucks to find a game. Ughhh.. Hopefully they can get this resolved soon.