Yamauchi: It’s “impossible” to Fully Describe GT5

gt5Cologne isn’t that far, ‘ya know?

Kazunouri Yamauchi has gone on record in an interview just published that it would be “impossible” to try and fully describe Gran Turismo 5.

The GT creator, and head of Polyphony, also confirmed that any cars unlocked from Gran Turismo PSP will be carried over to GT5. He then reaffirms the fact they could release the game this year if they wanted to.

“About GT5, specifications are not finalized, we can release it anytime now, but we can also spend an infinite amount of time polishing things. That’s the current situation. We’ll release it when we’re totally happy with the result. And there’s so much in GT5 that it would be impossible to fully describe it using just a summary,” said Yamauchi.

“If you have a car in GT PSP, then it will be unlocked in GT5.”

Catch full video over at JeuxVideo. Translation from GAF.

20 Responses to “Yamauchi: It’s “impossible” to Fully Describe GT5”

  1. I am wholeheartedly jealous

    I am going to buy a PS3 when this guy is released, preferably a bundle pack.

    Perfection take time

  2. Way to correct grammar mrxbot… “Which This game is released”
    I suggest learning to proof read your own comments before ripping on others!

  3. your all idiots

  4. psn:gamesnskate Says:

    ^ It’s not ‘your’ , It’s you’re.

  5. Let’s see if I can describe the game in a summary: Auto racing simulation with hundreds of cars, tracks, excellent physics, and graphics. The definitive racing simulation on the PS3. Sounds good to me. Although I certainly understand a creators passion for his work.

  6. Mohammad Hassan Says:

    man..this i making me even more excited for GT 5. and guys. enough grammar bashing…

  7. GT5 at all it glory and along with new and improved Forza 3 this year it is just a great year for racing fans.

  8. So, KY reaffirms that all GT PSP cars will be unlockable in the full GT5… putting 2 and 2 together, there’s atleast 800+ cars in GT5. With only small teases of WRC and NASCAR at E3, and nearly 5 years of development, I’m betting the full GT5 will be one mammoth of a game…

  9. Release it now its going to be epic!!!

  10. gt games get boring after a while so i wouldn’t buy it

  11. sweet! i love the use of cross platform!

  12. RROD Jasper proliferation Says:

    This game will be like a nuclear bomb to M$’s plans when it is released.

    Don’t give me “Forza 3″. That is laughable and not a patch on this epic beauty.

    OHhhhh lordy…

  13. I hope GT5 is as good as I expect. Until the game is release we have plenty of good games, Blur split second, forza3, shift… great year for racing fans

  14. I’ll give a go at describing GT5:

    Fucking late.

  15. alors bon, je vais aller voir ca !