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fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!!!

The day I have been waiting for (Bar seeing Radiohead in June and the actual release date) has finally arrived. Kojima Productions, Konami and The KP Report Podcast with Ryan Peyton has finally confirmed that the game I was born to play, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the Playstation 3 (LISTEN CAREFULLY BRENDAN, PLAYSTATION 3, NOT XBOX 360!!! NOR WII, RYAN YOU IDIOT!!! WII CANT HANDLE MGS4 BITCH!), has finally been confirmed for a worldwide release everywhere in Asia, Europe, America, UK and Ireland, Japan, the full fucking works!!! from Thursday June 12th 2008.

I thank you Konami for not having it at June 6th (As that was the day I go to see Radiohead in Dublin) ahhhh! OK…calm down.

MGS4 will be getting 3 SKU’s as you may know by now which is of course MGS4 + Metal Gear Online 2 (Starter Pack) as standard but also there will be a special edition containing the game and MGO2 starter pack as well as a special Blu-Ray featuring a making of and the trailers of game.

The 3rd and final SKU will be a bundle for the game. A special SCEI approved bundle on the game with a 80GB Playstation 3 bundle, a DualShock 3 and the special edition of the game.

A teaser site has also been opened for MGS4 as well as MGO2 to which we will link below but new info on MGO2 has been released with a familiar map getting a re-name. City Under Siege…or C.U.S for short is remembered to be the most familiar and favoured map in MGO1 back when it was with the release of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence for the Playstation 2. But now, while the map seems to have rusted away but still there, it has a new name called Urban Ultimatum. There will also be 4 other maps including Grozny Grad which you will recognise from MGS3.

A beta for MGO2 has been confirmed for the end of April in Japan and America as well as Europe but it will only run for 2 weeks until the start of May. The only way you can get the beta is if you pre-order the game in America and Japan but Konami UK have confirmed that the beta will be coming to the UK but details of how will be forthcoming (Most likely, you pre-order the game from GAME and you get the code) but when you pre-order the game, you’ll also get a DVD showing a reworked Metal Gear Saga 2.0 which was a DVD released only in Japan with the Metal Gear Solid Collection.

Overall, simply put, it doesnt matter if you are new or old to Metal Gear, if you want one good reason why you should get a PS3…



Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and celebrate in the pissing rain and dance in the rain out in the street…

*goes out dancing in the rain to Mint Royale’s Dancing in the Rain remix*
*comes back in the rain and adds something*

Oh, I forgot to point out 2 things.

1: The full press release.

February 29th, 2008 KONAMI will simultaneously release METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS (“MGS4″), a PLAYSTATIONR3® (PS3®) title, in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia on Thursday, June 12, 2008.
This will be the first time ever for KONAMI to simultaneously release the METAL GEAR series throughout the world.

The METAL GEAR series celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. The series has been created to carry an antiwar and antinuclear theme to society, and its total sales have surpassed 22 million units (*1) worldwide.

MGS4 will be the final chapter in the METAL GEAR series, so all the major characters will make an appearance and all the remaining mysteries will be unveiled.

In addition, MGS4 was awarded a prize for excellence in the entertainment category (*2) at the 11th Japan Media Arts Festival hosted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, The National Art Center, and CG-ARTS Society as a video game pursuing a depth of visual expression that outstrips every previous generation of hardware.

In Japan, KONAMI will launch MGS4 in the following 3 package:

The “Standard Version” including METAL GEAR Online Starter Pack, the “Special Edition” including a Blu-ray Disc of bonus features in addition to the everything included in the Standard Version, and the “Premium Pack” which includes a PLAYSTATION®3 Console in addition to the Special Edition.

2: The Countdown widget:

You may notice that we now have a countdown widget for the game. Well, as much as I am looking forward to GTA IV, even if Rockstar do the same thing, I wont put it here. IMO, MGS4 is going to be the biggest release (GTA IV…cant wait but way too overhyped) this century and that is why I added a countdown. This is only a one off and wont happen again on the site but as for the widget itself, it has all the trailers and all tiny little extras

*goes back out in the rain and dances*

Metal Gear Solid 4 Teaser Site [Konami]
Metal Gear Online 2 Teaser Site [Konami]
The KP Report Session 081 with Ryan Peyton[i-revo]

CONFIRMED: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Due in Japan on June 12th, New Bundle for America and Boxart Unveiled

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Read the last one down.


For all you lucky Japanese, you get Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on June 12th 2008. It was confirmed in a Dengeki Playstation article published in Japan overnight.

Also confirmed is that America will get a beta of Metal Gear Online 2 (MGO2) should they pre-order the game. The beta will begin in late April with Konami also confirming that America will get a late Q2 release of that and MGS4 as well as getting a new bundle that will contain a 80GB Playstation 3, a Dualshock 3 and a copy of the game.

As well as that, there will be 3 editions of the game. Just the game, the verison with the game plus the making of and trailers (E3 2007 Trailer in uber sexy 1080P with Snake shouting “I’m no hero…never was” = <3) and the finall being all that plus the PS3 80GB and DS3.

Still, all this news is great and I can not wait to hear when its coming to Europe. Konami has confirmed that the news of when it’ll be coming to Europe will be the end of the week (E.G. Tomorrow or Friday)

Awesomeness on wheels and a stick =D

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [360Indians]

BREAKING NEWS: Phil Harrison to Leave SCE

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After 15 years at the company, its been confirmed that Phil Harrison, head of the worldwide studios at Sony Computer Entertainment, will be leaving the company as of this Friday (February 29th)

Whats caused this departure we dont know, but it may have something to do with recent comments Harrison made concerning SCE Japan and how they aren’t recognising social stuff coming to the PS3 such as Singstar, Buzz or PlayStation Home, the latter project of which Harrison had a big part to play in.

Kaz “RIIIIIIDDDDDGE RACER!!!” Hirai will take over his job but we also dont know if this is just until a replacement is found or if he will manage his job as head of SCE Worldwide studios as well as the postition of the chief CEO of SCEI, the position he took after Ken Kutaragi left.

Full press release:

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that Phil Harrison, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS), will resign from Sony Computer Entertainment Group as of February 29, 2008. Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO of SCEI, will immediately assume responsibilities as president of SCE WWS, in addition to his current duties.

Prior to the launch of the original PlayStation®, Phil Harrison joined Sony Electronics Publishing, Ltd. in 1992, which later evolved into Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and since then, he has made a tremendous contribution to the company playing a strategic role in the launch of four PlayStation platforms, as well as building strong relationships with game developers and publishers throughout the world. Since his appointment to the position of president, SCE WWS, Harrison applied his considerable skill, knowledge and expertise to lead SCE Group’s first party game development as well as aggressively pursuing the development of new online entertainment experiences.

“As one of the founding members of SCE, Phil played a key role in the development and growth of the PlayStation business and our industry,” said Kazuo Hirai. “It is sad to see him departing from SCE, but I wish to express my gratitude for his many invaluable contributions and also wish Phil the very best of luck in his future endeavors.”

“The past 15 years at Sony Computer Entertainment has been the defining journey of my life so far,” said Phil Harrison. “I am grateful to all the PlayStation family for their incredible support, guidance and friendship. It has been a privilege to serve as part of the team and be inspired by them on a daily basis. I am so proud of everything PlayStation has achieved and will continue to support its future in every way I can.”

And now its rumored that Harrison will…you may wanna sit down for this…be going to Atari. Yes, shock horror.

Stil, thanks for the memorys Phil. You were great =(


GDC 08: Gears of War 2 Unveiled, Due for November 08 on Xbox 360, Cliffy B Has a Lancer

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In a somewhat surprising move, despite the fact that we said this could very well happen, Gear of War 2 was unveiled for the first time last night during Microsoft’s keynote.

A teaser trailer was shown which had no diologue showing Marcus Fenix, the main character for the 1st game and will be again for the 2nd game, having a chainsaw duel with one of the Locust before Marcus kills it.


Cliff “Cliffy B” Blizinksi, lead designer at Epic Games came to the stage chainsaw his way onto it.

“It’s a funny thing about rumours on the Internet – once in a while, they’re actually true.” said possibly one of the cooliest guys in the industry (He has a dress sense, I’ll give him that)

He then went on to illterate that the game will be a Xbox 360 exclusive and it’ll be coming this November (As in this November 2008)

One with diologue

Extended Trailer (With ear aching squeel) and Cliffy B

Moving to WordPress

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Right now, I’m in thinking about moving to WordPress as they seem to offer a better choice for their site.

But I wont be making a choice until I get my internet back again so we’ll see but in the meantime, GDC is underway.

And I did say that I’ll be doing a livetext on MS’s Keynote tomorrow…but I have a family matter which I need to do tomorrow at the same time so I’m gonna have to hold on it.

Just give you an update about it on Thursday =)

ARTICLE: Games + Money = Expensive

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Whenever he isnt shouting his mouth at the PS3, you have to give credit to Gabe Newell for being one of the main people behind The Orange Box. Him, Doug Lombardi and a few other people at Valve have done a supurb job with it, putting in Half Life 2, Half Life 2: Episode One for the consoles as well as encorpate Half Life 2: Episode Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2, some of the finest games you’ll see in gaming. The Orange Box is one of the finest examples of this, as the game is not only of the finest collections of games you’ll get, you also get one hell of a bargin out of it.

But that is the only good part to this, question is, does all the money put into games bring what could be a great game down and make it a bad game?

Well maybe.

Right now, there are millions been thrown into Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto IV and Killzone 2 with KZ2 being rumored to cost up to 50 million Euros ($25 million) although so far the signs have seemed positive for all 3 games.

Stranglehold and Heavenly Sword are examples of games that…got meh reception. Both were big budget games and Heavenly Sword was raving previews. But in the end, it turned out to be a good game but was being too short was its downfall.

Same could be said for Stranglehold, with the John Woo tag on it, plus a hefty budget of $15 million, it seemed that this could somewhat be a decent game. Alas it was a 5/6 – 10 game which you could bear with if you played it in short bursts.

So in while there are good parts to big budgets games, there also the bad parts so be careful if you end up with a big budget dud, OK

Net Problems

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OK,I’m having a snafoo.

My internet will not work under any circumstances, its not the router, its the phoneline. Which means that you’ll see little to no posts on the site for now. The only way I’m posting this is because of the fact I’m in an internet cafe.

For now, dont expect much on the site KK