Commenting Rules for GOONL!NE

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Forum Rules

But as much as we wont be dictating what you do, there are guidelines you MUST follow at all times.

We want your posting experience here on the GOONL!NE forums to be a pleasent one and one which doesn’t require boundries.

We do however have a couple of ground rules and other things to tell you.

- Swearing is allowed but not in a excessive way. Use it too much and your comment will be deleted.

- There will be no racist/sexist/homophobic/obscene/threatning comments here. If this happens, you will see something from as little to a temp ban of up to 2 weeks to a perminent ban, depending on how much trouble it’s caused.

- Anything of the illegal type such as torrenting as well as encourging stuff like drugs or chipping consoles, this type of thing is not condoneable.

- We dont mind a slight bit of Off-Topic banter but please, no spam. We dont mind mass posting of topics as long as they vaild and to the point.

- No fanboyism allowed. We dont mind if you say PS3 rules and Xbox rules and all that, thats fine, we all know you have a preference, it’s cool.

But what we dont mind is you going over from one story to an other saying a console is crap and another is great (eg going to a 360 story or a PS3 story saying 360 is a pile of s**t, PS3 rulz or vice versa)

We hope you can follow these rules. Other then that, go fucking nuts.

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