About Us


GOONL!NE was originally set up as Gamzsone in April 2005 on a set of forums on Invision Free Forums by Jonathan Cullen in Derry, Northern Ireland. After that, a site was built on the free website creator, Freewebs.

However, after a couple of months, the site then moved to Bravenet along with two new members, Ryan Curran and Brendan O’Driscoll and in September 2005, Gamzsone V2 launched…only for it to shut the next day following a massive bust-up.

Following a couple of months after the said dispute, Gamzsone V2 was launched again but on Freewebs with Cullen and O’Driscoll as the main editors, Curran was however a freelance writer on the site. But soon after a couple of months, planning on Gamzsone V3 started and in September 2006, the first trailer for it was released on YouTube for Gamzsone V3 planning for a June 2nd 2007 release.

At the time, Cullen and Curran were the only people onboard V3 but in April 2007, O’Driscoll was confirmed to take part on the project. In May 2007, a beta of the site went live as V3 was set to be on Freewebs again. However, it was decided during the beta that the site would actually turn into a blog. While the beta would continue until June 2nd, the day the site was meant to be published outright, the Blog was never published until January 2008 when after a year and a half of planning, Gamzsone V3 went live on Blogger with subtitle in hand, GOONL!NE.

But in July 2008, it was decided that Gamzsone V3 would have a name change, GOONL!NE and that it would move to WordPress effective immediately after Gamzsone V3′s coverage of E3 2008 was over on Blogger. In the same month, Gamzsone V3 closed down on Blogger and made way for GOONL!NE.

GOONL!NE only focuses on honest reviews and breaking news related to the all major formats including consoles (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii), handhelds such as the Nintendo DS and PSP and games for PC.

We maintain healthy relationships with publishers like SEGA, Ubisoft, 2K Games, Bethesda, Rockstar, EA and more as well as two of the platform holders, Sony and Microsoft.

The Team:

James Love
Co-Managing Editor of GOONL!NE

James was added to the site as Associate Editor for GOONL!NE in June 2009, but didn’t start writing until July 2009. He was temporarily GOONL!NE’s Managing Editor during GamesCOM due to full time Managing Editor, Jonathan Cullen writing for VG247 during the event. With Jonathan moving on to work for VG247 full time, he has now taken off responsibility of the site along side David Pitchforth.

You can follow him on Twitter on @james__love

David Pitchforth
C0-Managing Editor of GOONL!NE

Being a vet with several websites including Xboxer360, Dave joined us in September 2009 to become head of reviews for the site, and help us obtain more review codes.

Chris Hawke
Senior Editor

Will joined the site in August 2009, showing strong potential with his editorials and articles, and has a keen eye for news stories.

Freelance Contributors: Jennifer Allen, Martin Gaston.