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CONFIRMED: Firmware 2.40 to Be Released on Wednesday + 2nd Part of Video Walkthrough

Posted in PlayStation 3 on June 30, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

We just got conformation in the past hour that on Wednesday, Sony will finally release the most anticpated Firmware 2.40 for the PlayStation 3. Yip thats right. As in this Wednesday July 2nd 2008.

You know, the Firmware which has In-Game XMB, In-Game Music, Trophys and all people. PEOPLE, GET EXCITED!!! See the statement below.

30/06/2008 13:00
Get more from online gaming on PLAYSTATION®3 with the free 2.40 firmware enhancement

PS3™ to give online gamers the features they’ve been requesting:
XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) access in-game and trophies available in this free, automatic system upgrade

June 30, 2008: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced new online gaming functionality for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™), which will become available on July 2, 2008 with the 2.40 enhancement, an automatic firmware upgrade that delivers several of the features most requested by gamers. Combined with PLAYSTATION®Network’s unique service of free* online gaming, the enhancement makes PS3 an even more attractive platform of choice for the online gamer.

Firstly, the 2.40 enhancement allows XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) access in-game. This means that you can access the PS3 menu at any time while playing most games, simply by tapping the PlayStation button on your controller. With 2.40, you can check if any of your friends are online (thanks to their own user profile), read and send messages, change some settings for games, all without having to quit the game you are playing. While you can’t pause an online multiplayer game involving other people, you can rejoin play at any time when you’ve finished browsing. Along with these enhanced communications features, the Friends list capacity will double to 100 Friends.

2.40 also delivers trophies to recognise players’ achievements in the online arena. Other competitive activities recognise winners with trophies – so why not gaming on PS3? Many online games will have gold, silver and bronze trophies – with platinum available for those who snag all three – all displayed on the XMB for everyone to see.

Super Stardust™ HD, a PLAYSTATION Network-exclusive released last year, will be the first game to leverage the Trophies system and will offer a variety of trophies**. The following first-party games are also slated to offer Trophy support:

· BUZZ!™ Quiz TV

· LittleBigPlanet™

· MotorStorm™ Pacific Rift

· NBA 09 – PS3

· PAIN**

· PixelJunk™ Eden

· Resistance 2™

· SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation

· Warhawk™**

The 2.40 enhancement is just one more reason to join PSN, the online network for PS3 users that lets you game online for free*. All you need to do to join is connect your PS3 to broadband and register, or go to the connection guide at to find out more.

Once in, you’ll find online matches and leagues for all of your favourite games – whether that’s MotorStorm™, Resistance™, Warhawk™ or Gran Turismo™5 Prologue – absolutely free (although users are responsible for paying their broadband fees) and at any time of the day or night. You’ll also find PLAYSTATION®Store, where you can download entire games as well as extra levels, content for your existing games plus internet browsing, video chat thanks to PLAYSTATION®Eye and much, much more.

* No subscription required, broadband fees apply

** Requires a game update to be downloaded and installed

And on the US PlayStation blog, it’s been updated with the 2nd part of the walkthrough which shows off trophys on Super Stardust HD and PixelJunkEden.

When I said drop a nuke Sony, did it have to be this big? Still, Wednesday cant come quick enough.

E3 2008: Dual Shock 3 to Be Released on Friday in Europe

Posted in PlayStation 3 on June 30, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

Sony has just hit us with a statement concerning the release of Dual Shock 3 for the PlayStation 3 citing that it’ll be released in Europe this Friday. Yes, this Friday July 4th.

Statement Below:

DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller available for PLAYSTATION®3 this summer

Feel the full power of your games as the eagerly awaited DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller arrives on PS3™

June 27, 2008: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) today announced that DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller will be available for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) in Europe on July 2, 2008. The eagerly awaited wireless controller with vibration function will put truly responsive gaming power into players’ hands, shaking up gaming experiences when it arrives on PS3 this summer.

It’s not what you see – it’s what you feel that makes DUALSHOCK 3 the first choice for all gamers. More than 28 million DUALSHOCK controllers have been sold since the first DUALSHOCK release for PlayStation® in 1998. Now DUALSHOCK 3 puts some serious power into existing and future PS3 titles, with its vibration function offering even more interactive play between gamers and the many games – past, present and future – which support the vibration functionality. DUALSHOCK 3 also retains the high-precision, high-response motion-sensitive aspects that have made SIXAXIS so popular.

David Reeves, President and CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, commented, “We are delighted to confirm that DUALSHOCK 3 will be released in SCEE territories in early July. We hope this will add to the intense gaming experience for our fans, as we continue to evolve PS3, its software and its peripherals.”

Almost all future PS3 releases will support DUALSHOCK 3, and the controller is already compatible with many existing PS3 titles (firmware upgrade 1.94 required). Face the heart-pounding fear of alien warfare in Resistance: Fall of Man™, hold tight as you tear through the streets of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue™, or feel the thrill of treasure hunting in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune™ – your favourite PS3 games like you’ve never experienced them before.

Making your gaming experience more immersive, more intuitive and more realistic, DUALSHOCK 3 is the only Bluetooth® controller combining vibration function and SIXAXIS™ features, and the first choice for anyone wanting to get the most out of their PS3 gaming.

Today of all days Sony…you releasing a nuke on us next Sony?

More FW 2.40 Info Coming at 4pm?

Posted in Uncategorized on June 30, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

According to Joystiq, NEOGaf and TheSixthAxis, we can expect more info on Firmware 2,40 at 8am East Coast time (Thats New York time basiclly), 5am Pacfic (California) and 4pm BST (Thats…Derry time…joy) including the 2nd part of the Firmware walkthrough.

And according to some, this could be pointer for a release on Thursday of 2.40 which could give Sony a big boost ahead of E3. And some even claming that it could go up as early as midnight east coast time which would be 5am BST.

However, there are rumors stating while most games will be supportable with it, not all games will be supporting 2.40…at least for now.

Source 1 [Joystiq]
Source 2 [NEOGaf]
Source 3 [NEOGaf]

Rock Band 2 Officially Announced

Posted in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 on June 30, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

After that massive leak a couple of weeks ago citing Rock Band 2, Harmonix have now confirmed the existsence of it showing the first screens as well as a screen of the new guitar.

The game will be a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 in September with a PlayStation 3 verison out before the year’s end. Plus as an added bonus, the game will support any DLC you bought for Rock Band 1 meaning you dont have to delete anything you bought from Xbox Live or PlayStation Store (Despite the fact that the PS3 verison isnt out in Europe yet)

And when IGN Xbox 360 Editor in Chief Hillary Goldstein mentioned in an interview with the game’s lead designer Dan Teasdale the 10 bands he’d like to see in Rock Band (Pavement, The Beatles, Tool, Led Zep, Agent Orange, Modest Mouse, The Buzzcocks, The Replacements and Built to Spill) Teasdale said that not only did Goldstein mention his favourite bands (useless piece of info yah) but he also mentioned that some of those bands are indeed in Rock Band 2.

Stairway to Heaven? PLEASE LORD!!! Oh and there were rumors a couple of weeks ago that The Beatles back catologue was going to be appearing on Rock Band as well as Guitar Hero so maybe they have struck a deal? We’ll find out at E3.

Rock Band 2 This September [IGN]
Rock Band 2: The Open Act [IGN]

Official Screens of Trophys Released for PlayStation 3

Posted in Uncategorized on June 30, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

What you are looking at are the first official screens for trophys for the PlayStation to be implemented in Firmware 2.40.

It also confirms that the screens of trophys leaked before hand to a similar look were indeed real.

Trophys For PS3 []

More Screens Below:

Sony Release Part 1 of a FW 2.40 Walkthrough

Posted in Uncategorized on June 30, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

You may have seen in my predictions post for Sony and how they could win E3 for them by releasing 2.40 during their conference. However, before that, they’d need to show off the walkthrough first and well…they must have been reading it last night because minutes after it was posted, a post on the PS Blog showed from Jeff Rubenstein of SCEA stating to hang around the blog just before Midnight pacfic in America which is 8:00am here.

Nice of you to look at us Sony =D

OK, that is be a blatent lie but either way, within the past half hour Sony have just released Part 1 of a 2 part Walkthrough special showing the In-Game XMB. First off, you do get In-Game Music but also you get to launch other games while in another game. The example shown is of Pixel Junk Monsters Encore by going into that from Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.

Also shown off is a new feature which has just been addded which was also recently added for Firmware 4.00 for the PSP and that is a Google search on your Network tab in your PS3 XMB.

Sony have said that the 2nd part will be coming out within the next couple of days to show off the trophys feature for 2.40.

So for you to enjoy, Part 1 of the walkthrough for In-Game XMB which will be added in Firmware 2.40.

E3 2008: How [Sony] Could Steal the Show

Posted in Uncategorized on June 29, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

Lets face, E3 is only a short while away, 2 weeks today actually it kicks off with Microsoft’s press conference. But what can we expect before E3 with the pre-E3 conferences. First off, there are some pretty big changes. While Reggie Fills Aimme is still at Nintendo, Phil Harrison and Peter Moore have now bitten the dust from Sony and Microsoft and are now at EA Sports and Atari which means no fun with them this year (Especially Peter =( )

But what can Sony pull out of the bag for their conference this year? Well, we tell you all here what could possibly happen at that conference on July 15th.


This will most likely be the PlayStation 2′s final appearence at E3 after the short time they had on it last year. There could be one final swansong game for the PS2 unveiled at E3 to send the console off to Videogaming heaven but that is very doubtful sadly.

As for the PSP, it needs a shunt in the back-side. Not since May of last year have I got a PSP game which was Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Since then, nothing has come close to interesting me for the PSP (Bar God of War: Chains of Olympus but I’m too poor to get it right now) and now the PSP is dying because of a lack of games so maybe some new games should be coming out of E3.

Games from Sony’s Worldwide Studios could be as such a PSP verison of Little Big Planet where you could develop levels on the PSP and then play them (Obviously) but also upload them to your PS3 and play them on there. Maybe as well a PSP Motorstorm? Well, it’s possible but with one of the finest developers for the PSP not developing any games for it anymore, that developer in question being Ready at Dawn, the PSP needs a boost as it has been doing very well in Japan as of the past year.

And as for the PlayStation 3, everything is finally coming to place. After a horrible launch period with a few games shining throughout the year such as Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Warhawk and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, everything has finally come into place with David Reeves recently suggesting at PlayStation Day that it has overtaken the Xbox 360 in sales in Europe (A comment as such debunked by Microsoft Europe recently) plus games finally being released such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and of course, the biggest exclusive the PS3 has had, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

But Metal Gear Solid 4 wont be enough to see the PS3 through it’s time period, oh no. Instead, it needs a strong collection of 1st party titles (Already done) as well as 3rd party titles (Something of which Sony is lacking)

So what can Sony do to win the press conference war with MS and Nintendo? Here’s a few things.

PlayStation Network:

It’s main flagship title still to be released is Socom: US Navy Seals Confrontation which is due for September.It will be on show surely with new gameplay videos emerging as well as an announcement concerning an open beta (There will be a beta as you get a token for it if you buy Qore on the US Store but only in America)

As well as that, a few other titles will be there such as Siren: Blood Curse and a spin-off to Ratchet & Clank called Ratchet: Quest for Booty as well as PixelJunk: Eden as such.

And please Sony, confirm a date for Wipeout HD!!! It was only last year Phil Harrison announced it’d becoming out at the end of last year with 1080P 60FPS graphics and full multiplayer. Maybe you’ll do an Apple and announce that its on the store as the conference goes on? (Please do that)

Naturally, there will be some new games announced for the store as such like Wipeout HD and echochrome for Europe as well as Linger in Shadows. Plus, with the new video store, music videos and TV shows would be a great feature for it when it is released.

Overall, Sony is starting to get a grip of things with the PSN and the PS Store but it needs more games. Hopefully, we’ll get that at E3.

PlayStation Home

Sony, for the love of god, please release Home!!! Yes, we get it, its gonna be like Second Life, thats all well and good but c’mon!!! It’s been delayed too many times now and it needs to have a solid release date with the open beta this year and full release either very late this year or early 2009.

I know you wanna perfect it and everything, thats all good but come fucking on!!! It shouldnt matter what Kaz Hirai says with Home will be out when its ready, fuck with that, there is something called updates, use them!!!

Anyways, like last year, the whole conference should centre around Home as such and with a new verison of Home coming in as Verison 0.93, surely 1.00 is only around the corner. We have to hear about it at E3 so please Sony, no more delays, no more “it’ll be ready when its ready”.

Release the damn thing and get it over with.

Firmware 2.40

Its more then likely that they are keeping this for E3 and are going to do what Apple do by announcing that everything will be out after the end of the conference or in this case, Firmware 2.40 will be released by the end of the Sony conference.

Hopefully beforehand though, we should see what they have planned with Sony releasing a walkthrough of what will be on FW 2.40 or at least some screens. Sony, this is the firmware every PS3 owner has been looking to get since they got their PS3;’s. Announce this at E3 and release it to download after the conference and you may just win E3 as far as the conferences go.

Dont dissapoint Sony as far as Firmware 2.40 goes or you may just find yourself a laughing stock again. And you all know what happened last time 2 years after .


And now, it’ll be Sony make or break bit, the games. A nice mix of 1st and 3rd party games coming between the end of this year and the start of next year. Starting off with 3rd party stuff, the big 2 publishers I wanna see on stage this year are Konami and Square Enix.

I want to see (and it could happen now) Kojima Productions new project being Zone of the Enders 3. Hell I’ll settle for an announcement at E3 with footage at the Tokyo Games Show. Please Kojima, please unveil Zone of the Enders 3 at the conference or at least annouce it with footage at TGS.

And as for Square Enix…you know where I’m gonna go with this…


Also some new info on Versus XIII would be nice but for the love of god Square, Final Fantasy XIII is the biggest 3rd party exclusive of 2009 for the PS3 and it hasnt seen a new trailer for 6 months!!!

So, a new trailer, a rough release date and hopefully a demo announced for it as well. Also, is it possible that in the faintest of hopes announce a remake of Final Fantasy VII? Seriously, it could come after FFXIII and it could very well turn the tide of the console war.

I’d also like to take this chance to sat that Namco has to show off Tekken 6 at E3 for the PS3, it really needs to as well as announce a release date for it already.

Also Sony, another thing.


Final Fantasy XIII is all well and good but it cant hold its own as far as JRPGS go, it needs more of them. The PlayStation 3 is in a dire need of it. Hopefully, Square will also take the time they have on stage to also announce Kingdom Hearts 3 at the same time but even then, there still needs to be more.

So could we hear more at E3? Hopefully.

Oh, and Rockstar, pleaaaase. Shows us LA Noire already as well as the un-mentioned exclusive for the PS3 your making or at least mention it with footage to come after E3.

As for 1st party stuff, Sony is filled to the brim of them but the biggest games which will be at the conference will surely be Resistance 2, Killzone 2 and Little Big Planet with a casting role from inFamous and Motorstorm: Pacfic Rift with Resistance 2 taking the main headliner spot.

Hopefully, we’ll hear a release date, a new trailer showcasing the campaign for Resistance 2 as well as multiplayer footage and a open beta announced for multiplayer before the games release.

Also, Little Big Planet needs a solid release date surely. Plus, we’d like to see a walkthrough of it live on stage as it went down a storm when it was unveiled at GDC 07.

And as for Killzone 2, we’ll hopefully get an announcement of a beta for multiplayer but also a new trailer and maybe even an announcement of a single player demo? Who knows.

Now, what about Team ICO? They made 2 of the finest games ever made for the PlayStation 2 with ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. So surely we’ll hear something about their next project in some way at the conference but either way, it should be great to hear something new about it.

Next, inFamous. Recently delayed until 2009, a new trailer could be all I need and I’d be pumped for this game as it looks amazing. However, some new info on the single player as well as info on multiplayer and it could go down a treat.

But, there is also a game which has been mentioned by gamers over the past two years and yet very little has come out of it. I’m of course referring to Heavy Rain. All there has been is a CGI trailer shown at E3 06 nut nout has been announced of the game since so hopefully David Cage and his team will give us something new on the game at E3 08 with a possible 09 release.

Eat, Sleep, Play are next on the list and well, David Jaffe needs to show off Twisted Metal for the PS3 as it was confirmed for the PS3 at the end of the remake for Twisted Metal PSP for the PS2 so surely it has to be announced at the conference.

There was also another game which Jaffe worked on before making his own studio. It was while working at Sony’s Santa Monica studio, some game called God of War. It has been a year since God of War II was released and now with the Santa Monica studio in the production phase of God of War III, it has to be on show somehow either in full gameplay or CGI, surely? Hopefully, we’ll hear more about Kratos next adventure in the conference.

And finally, Naughty Dog. Its a case of which bastard love child is better? Uncharted or Jak and Daxter? Some people want Uncharted 2 announced at the confernce while others want Jak and Daxter 4? What do I want? I want food I’m hungry writing this. Seriously, I dont care as I loved Jak and Daxter for the PS2 and Uncharted: Drakes Fortune was a fine piece of gaming for the PS3, was my favourite game for the PS3 last year.

Maybe they’ll announce both? Who knows.

Anyways, what do you think could happen at the conference? Leave us a comment below.

Alan Wake WILL Be at E3

Posted in Xbox 360 on June 26, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

Its been listed on that Alan Wake, the Xbox 360 game that hasn’t appeared since E3 2006 (Thats 2 years ago folks) will make an appearence at this year’s E3. The game which is set to take place around a horror novelist having very mysterious things happen to him as well as have his fiancée myseriously disappear on him, was unofficially put back until next year at this year’s Microsoft Gamer’s Day in San Francisco.

The game was unveiled only 3 years ago as well and was at one stage a PlayStation 3 game as well as a 360 game until E3 2006 when Microsoft announced it’s exclusivity for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows.

We’ll hopefully hear alot more about it at E3.

Alan Wake []

PSN Video Store Coming Soon This Summer

Posted in PlayStation 3 on June 26, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

In a leaked document by Sony, it has been revealed that a new Video Store for the PlayStation Store will be coming as early as this summer. Other then that, we dont have much info on it but it comes in a PDF file for the Mid-Term Corporate Strategy Meeting for the PlayStation division of Sony.

However, in the screen, we can pretty much guess that the first movies released will be The Beanchwarmers staring Rob Schiendier as well as Resident Evil: Extinction. But it is most likely a major announcement such as when it will be released and what movies will be there will come at E3 in a few weeks time.

First PSN Video Store Images Leaked [PS Beyond]

Half Life 2: Episode Three Confirmed for E3

Posted in Uncategorized on June 26, 2008 by Jonathan Cullen

Last year, Valve had released one of the greatest deals in gaming of all time with The Orange Box for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 containing the Half Life 2 saga between Half Life 2, Half Life 2: Episode One and Half Life 2: Episode Two, the latter of which was one of the best games last year. It also feature the great multiplayer game Team Fortress 2 and the innovitive Portal.

And in our list of the Top 20 Most Antcipated Games of 2008, Half Life 2: Episode Three feature in the list at 16th but we havent heard a peep, a screen or a a video of it since that list was issued…that is until now, or rather around 2 and a half weeks from now.

According to a listing on, it’s cited that Episode Three will be on show at E3 this time two and a half weeks from now for PC and the Xbox 360 but either surprisingly or not surprisingly (Considering the fanboy stance of Valve Co-Founder, Gabe Newell) the PlayStation 3 verison wont be on the showfloor most likely because unless they give EA the green light to port the game to either the PSN or a Blu-Ray release, there probably isn’t going to be a PlayStation 3 verison at all.

Still, all will become clear of Gordon and Alyx’s next and final adventure in the Half Life 2 saga at E3 in 2 and a half weeks.

Half Life 2 Episode 3 []